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"This fixation with Darfur ticks me off in particular."

Yeah! Leave the Sudanese alone! You gotta love a bunch of people who call themselves the "Ganga Weeds"!


Well, if we REALLY cared about Dafur, we would have ALREADY invaded the country, toppled the Sudanese government, hunted down the Ganga Weeds, disrupted their organization and supply lines, and liberated the black southern Sudanese farmers with our Shock and Awe military might.

Right, Smith?


There is a strange website called that was started by this rather strange Irish guy, which claims that nearly all other websites, such as those run by Alex Jones, are "CIA internet fakes". He never claims that or, etc. might be "CIA internet fakes", however. The truth is, however, that these 'liberal' sites did little more than publish mild 'obituary pieces' when Congress decided to stop issuing "suggested withdrawal dates", and just hand the white house $120 BILLION for the war machine. I had been issuing regular posts warning that this would be our only chance to make any real difference. I now wonder if the 'liberal' sites that are never called "CIA internet fakes" by the "fakes" outers are in fact run by the Agency itself. When Congress decided to just roll over and give all those BILLIONS to Bush, I created a post suggesting that people needed to stop donating blood, and start telling the "Red Cross" (itself outed as a neocon tool by:

) that they were taking digitalis. This was to try to wake people up. I also posted it on Portland Indymedia. I called it "less blood for oil". Some people on the name-brand 'liberal' site were appalled, but the Indymedia folks generally thought it was a good way of making the point.

Every now and then I would remind the 'liberals' that Bill Clinton's response to the Russian unilateral disarmament was to increase military spending to above-'cold war' levels.

This plan to build a rather weak anti-missile force around Russia, which could be used to attack any Russian forces that might survive a US surprise attack, is, of course, insane. It is strange that the neocon media apparatus was able to convince people that the danger of nuclear war had disappeared even while Russia continued to have 10,000 warheads that could be re-targeted guess-where at the mere flip of a switch!

The ability to build any viable ABM system is now smaller than ever, since every nation on the planet seems to possess the technology that the US was once the sole owner of.

Here's another thing: We really need to forget about attacking any more nations. Afghanistan and Iraq were the very last 'low hanging fruit'. There are things about as bad as nuclear weapons that they can get easily now. But we continue to pour gasoline (at a VERY high cost) on the fires we have started. People seem to be programmed to ignore huge risks if their 'leaders' tell them to do so! For example, people who live on the far West Coast count as a substantial fraction of the US economy, yet when that Big One hits (that is what they call their impending mega-earthquake), they are prepared to endure a disaster that will make New Orleans look like a picnic. Then, every now and then, we are reminded that no insurance companies are willing to cover nuclear power plants. These people really do make me nervous. How stupid do they have to be to surround Russia with a system that could only work if our leaders pull a first strike? I suppose someone will make BILLIONS on it. They are like rats trying to 'slyly' remove the cheese from a monstrous trap. Idiots.


All of these provocations are deliberate and have a specific goal in mind. Yes, money is made off of building all this crap, but political reasons dictate where the crap is sent and to whom and for what purpose.

When something looks like utter idiocy, it is far more likely that there is a well thought-out reason behind it.

For example, parading our fleet up and down the coast of Iran. What did that accomplish? Iran cannot suddenly be threatened by warships that were always nearby anyway, so what was the real reason behind this idiocy?

The purpose of the yacht excersise was to get Iran to take the bait, i.e. launch its missiles against our fleet. Assuming many ships are sunk and thousands of sailors are killed, who does this benefit?

Our Monkey King, that's who. Average Americans will be "outraged" by this unprovoked attack on our servicemen, by the loss of our fleet, and the thousands of deaths. King George will be given dictatorial powers to help get America "back on its feet". No time for elections and other antiquaited procedures. War is upon us!

The entire Middle East will be destabilized by war so that no one (read China here) can do business there and our military/industrial complex (our last real industry) will be granted its wish for perpetual war (and funding) and thus retain its raison d'etre.

Of course, things might not pan out like King George hopes, and that is why he has that nice little ranch down in Paraquay. The Chinese would probably even pay him billions in yuan to flee to it if they thought it would benefit them.

Like the dead sailors floating in the waters of Pearl Harbor and the American citizens with their new "ration coupons", we will be left holding the bag of shit -- regardless of how King George's plans pan out.

It is always that way. Always.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

DeVaul, I assume my cartoon characters reflect reality. Think: would a Kitty Cat fight a sea battle? Of course not. The wise cat sits in the tree and laughs a la Cheshire Cat.

And of course, this is why the Cat wins every round with the stupid mouse/monkey running America. All it has to do is throw a banana peel down.


Yes, you are right, and that is why the Iranians did not fall for the bait. It was way too obvious.

Not to worry, though. King George announced a new plan today: he will turn Iraq into another South Korea. That way, he can launch a land invasion straight into Iran whenever he is ready. In the meantime, the CIA will make life hell for the Iranian government.

If I were the Chinese, I would seriously be thinking about dumping dollars very soon. However, I would also not be surprised if they could not do so because of something we do not know about.

I can only see what our leaders want me to see. I can only use my common sense and make educated guesses as to what they are up to. Everything is concealed from most of us. Common sense tells me that it will not be good for us down at the bottom.


The Chinese are not Drama Queens by any means. Their style will be to just count down the shoe, then lay out their cards. Real gentlemanly like. They will make quiet offers we cannot refuse. The details will come up on our back pages at the bottom of the columns. They will give us the "you are fucked" message very subtly. But yet, we shall be well and truly fucked, just the same.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Indeed, the Chinese already told us what we must do to escape our fates and the media and our leaders all yelled at them.

They want us intact, not destroyed. They just want our navy at the bottom of the sea. Or they buy it from us which for them, would be the cheapest and nicest solution.

Krishna Hammond

It's not a distraction, and if you don't believe me, go sit in Darfur and bitch to me about it being a scheme. Tell the Janjaweed hullo, hm. Call me back on that. You talk about death as a statistic. Any amount of death is terrible. We're not playing stratego, dumbass. Those are people like you and me dying. It's a real problem, and we're the 'bad guys' for what, being mad China's helping? So we're hypocrites. Fine. Whatever. I don't care about my patch of dirt's pride. What matters is human life, and you look at the hideous genocide like a stock market report.

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