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"The Japanese cheerfully hold ceremonies around Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These are propaganda moments which they use to make themselves the victims of WWII."

And the Germans get all weepy over Dresden.

(I don't buy their bullshit any more than I buy Japan's.)


"Germany won WWII against Russia, Britain and the USA but they show much greater diplomatic finesse in this matter and are not making fun of any of these countries or insulting them directly."

Please do explain what you mean by this. They lost the military part, didn't they?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

There are two fronts in a war: economic and military.

Japan and Germany surrendered on the military front but then switched to fighting us on the economic front. Note that Germany, in 1989, bought out the Soviet Union and got them to retreat from Eastern Europe.

Japan rules us. Get it? History isn't four years, it is long in tooth and beard.


Ok, I get you. But--naive question number two--didn't we set things up that way intentionally, after the war? Wasn't it FDR's plan to embrace them in a system that made economic competition more desirable than military competition? And that does seem like a good idea.

Also, maybe I'm uninformed about this, but Germany seems like the "good guys" these days, taking an almost pacifist stance on Iraq and so on.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Unlike the Japanese, the Germans faced their own demons. You don't see them going to a Hitler shrine and praying to the Nazis.

They want to make money. They want peace. Like China, they know they can make more working within countries rather than invading them. This is why the world's second biggest trade surplus is Germany at $145 billion. And unlike the foolish Japanese, they did this while making workers better off and a solid, good currency.

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