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Remember your comment that certain trades/industries might be excluded from outsourcing to China/India due to physical location?

Here's Chinese nationals working under contract in the heart of current Canadian economic activity.

Possibly more flights would be helpful to outsourcing to Chinese construction contracts?


Wow! The power of money, even when it is totally fake.

I wonder how the Japanese are going to take the new arrival of the Chinese here in town? They cannot even speak to each other politely here in a restaurant. Their petty argument over the proper way to prepare rice left all the American diners in shock.


First, the international bankers told us that only low end manufacturing jobs would be lost, and we would keep all the rest plus the service jobs. Then they told us all manufacturing jobs except the value added, high paying jobs and some of the service jobs, but we were the entertainment and financial capitals of the world. Now we have lost all the manufacturing jobs and a great many of the service jobs and are starting to lose the financial jobs (me be the bank), and entertainment is now global. Can anyone say Macau, Macau, Polly want a cracker? Now we are told that food inflation is not temporary, but a "structural problem", meaning that now that the rest of the world is getting rich at our expense, it is purchasing our food production. So what have we gained in this global economy?


"Everything from now on is straight to the obvious bottom. "

What obvious bottom? Bottom of what?

That was certainly a content-free rant...


"Now we have lost all the manufacturing jobs and a great many of the service jobs and are starting to lose the financial jobs..."

Unemployment's at 4.5%. All them people must be doing something...

DeVaul you really believe that government lie about unemployment? How gullible are you?

First off, it does not count the millions of illegal workers who were fired first. They were never documented.

Secondly, it is based on a "Birth-Death Model" that has been proven false many times over. Just another government trick in a bag of tricks that truly is a black hole.

I suppose you believe inflation is at 2.3 percent or whatever the government says it is, or do you believe the government only lies about inflation but not employment?


JSmith, we are servicing ourselves since nobody else will! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Smith can read the CIA stats I posted today. Then argue 'we are rich'.

Gads. Fools are rampant, aren't they?

The news from yesterday was proof the US has lost control of international trade and our own currency.


OK. Woe be us. We be dooooomed.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

If you are a specimen of the same sort of loons running our economy----yes, we are doomed.

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