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Hi Elaine!

There are two or three factors in play here. The president suffers from a "borderline"/sociopathic condition. Then we have Cheney, and the neocon media plantation, and the CFR, et al. Then we have a population that is fragmented and alienated, and has been "educated" to believe in more of the impossible that the possible. And, frankly, the procedures established by the "founding fathers" are hopelessly unable to address the infrastructural and cultural realities of the present day. I have worked hard to find democratic methods that can cope with all the changes, but they need to be implemented, and our current stock of citizens utterly lack the imagination and boldness to implement them. So mass education is probably the first step that must be taken.

Did you get all those e-mails I've been sending?

Canada, Eh!

Elaine wrote...."It is also interesting that the Kings and Sheiks in Araby all think our President is their butler."

In Canada, and I'm sure it's a shared opinion in the U.S. as well, we just think that your President is a butt-hole.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I got the emails, Blues! I have been out of town and got home after midnight last night.

Sean Fields

You have a quote "Today, we have a supposed Protestant who is really a satanist". I hope you weren't kidding when you wrote that because I agree with it 100%. Although the Catholic Church has some problems, I think you are being too hard on it.


No one can be too hard on an organization that condones, covers up, and enables child abuse. No one.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Protestant leaders in America are often heading towards pure satanism what with them longing for the Apocalypse which will be caused by Christians being the exact opposite of Jesus.


I just wanted to thank you for your amazingly ignorant, childish, hate-filled blog ! When you put drivel like this up, it only helps the cause of conservativism. Peace out, peacenik !

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