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Ms. Latina Renee

Impeach them all.


I was not a pardon - it was worse. Borrowed from the comments over at Brad DeLong:

Cmike wrote:
President Bush commuted Libby's prison sentence. Bush did not pardon Libby. The Libby appeal is ongoing in the courts, so I am sure the White House will still not comment on the matter and Libby can still plead the Fifth.

Ken Houghton added:
Bush still has the option to pardon Libby. It's worth $250K to Scooter's backers.

Had he pardoned him, as noted above, he would have no Fifth Amendment rights at issue. Since he didn't, the grand jury continues to be stonewalled and the h*rs*sh*t about 30 months being "excessive" keeps memeing.

RW wrapped it up:
When it comes to avoiding the consequences of their malefaction the Bush White House does seem to discover a deft touch or perhaps they have discovered that working with other Republicans has now become essential.

Among other benefits a commutation of Libby's sentence rather than an outright pardon appears nicely calculated to:

1. reduce any inclination Libby may have had to become chatty while allowing him to take the 5th as necessary and also confirms to Libby and his supporters that Bush will act in his behalf so he can reasonably expect to be pardoned before Bush leaves office;

2. take Republican congress-critters and candidates for president off the hook while providing them with cover in regards to questions about Libby and/or how they would have acted in this affair;

3. allow Bush to continue to be a "compassionate conservative" among his loyalists yet still appear 'tough on crime,' a face-saving gesture that does no further harm to fellow Republicans -- a critical feature since they are quite capable of turning upon and rending their increasingly crippled, and soon to become former, pack-leader.


"Jr pardoned the criminal Libby"

You are wrong.

Bush commuted the prison sentence. The criminal conviction, the $250,000 fine and the two-year probation still stand.

(A "pardon" is when you get out of everything.)

I know this pisses you off greatly because you can't get to Bush, Cheney, or Rove so you had to be content with Scoots. But in the US we convict people for what they actually did - and he didn't speak the name of Plame, remember; no one got convicted of that. So a 2 1/2 year prison term is kinda harsh for something that turned out not to be a crime.

Oh, well. You win a few, you lose a few. C'est la vie!


Libby's real name is Liebowitz.


'Libby's real name is Liebowitz."



This whole episode of Putin riding in a speedboat piloted by our leader's father is just too bizarre to imagine.

What was the atmosphere like? Did Putin ever smile? And if so, for what reason? Did our leader and his father laugh and giggle around Putin while failing to notice he was completely stonefaced, or was he drunk and merry too? (Or just drunk out of necessity?)

I would love to have been on that boat and seen what transpired, but I also fear it might have been too eerie even for a fly on the wall. The extreme embarrassment of others is contagious to all around.

Taking Putin for a ride in a speedboat has got to be a low point in American diplomacy.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Putin is going to take Bush on his own boat ride: the slow boat to Shanghai.

Turns out I was, as usual, correct about what transpired. Putin showed the world (outside of the US/UK propaganda bubble!) that Bush is the aggressor and is refusing to defend both Europe AND Russia by cooperating on these bases and missiles aimed at tiny oil nation, the Iranian kitty cat.

So now Putin is off to...ta da....CHINA. There, he will laugh grimly.


My reason for not mentioning the anthrax killer incident is that the entire operation had to have been conceived by utter morons who were too oblivious to consider the blowback. Just think, any four year old with an envelope and a box of baking soda...

About the Libby commutation. So he's still not pardoned, and is thus still eligible to invoke the fifth amendment to defend himself from the perjury charge that is still in existence. Now, the trial Judge Reggie Walton is no wus! If I were him, I would now offer complete immunity for the perjury charge in exchange for other testimony. I would love to see Libby turn it down, and then have Judge Walton toss out the charge altogether and let Fitzgerald and the Congress begin the new hearings...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You are right, Blues.

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