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Blunt Force Trauma

Well, here ya go....

'Iraq threatens to cut off oil if sanctions imposed'

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the story, Blunt Force Trauma. It gets messier and messier for us, doesn't it?


Dear Elaine,

The now quick rise of the world-wide influence of The Middle Kingdom surprises me a little, but their strict adherence to the truth in all situations, does not.

China was the only nation on Earth to call for an investigation of the US government when JFK was assassinated.

The Peking Daily even ran an editorial cartoon showing JFK lying in the dust with a large dagger in his back.

Naturally, US government leaders were outraged! But this then 7 year old American was profoundly informed.

My studies over the years of the murder of JFK revealed the alliance of bankers and oil men who financed and with CIA/Mafia/Texas operatives, carried out the assassination and most importantly the elaborate cover-up that has continued to this day.

The sons of these same men run the american reich today.

I've read what the Cubans know about the affair. I wonder what the Chinese know?

Kindest regards,

Neuro Artist

That is an interesting idea that Turkey would join an alliance with Russia and China. The Turks are of course pretty pissed off with the US, and the EU, but I don't think they are that pissed off yet. The current government have invested quite a lot of goodwill in the relations with Europe, and the military have strong bonds with NATO. I'll bet they end up somewhere in the middle, IOW, increased co-operation with China and Russia. But maintaining a NATO membership with an increasing independency. At the same time maintaining the free trade status with Europe, but probably not actively pursuing membership status, at the same intensity as the last 10 years.

I wonder if the russians will start demanding payment for oil in Rubels? Since they don't export and produce that much of technology and consumer products, they may want to have as strong currency as they can get, so that they can buy these things cheaply. The Euro and the Dollar would plunge!

Elaine Supkis

Turkey is up for grabs! And China has been a'courting. Europe and the US can't keep Turkey at arm's length forever. No, not even for another five years.

What a COUP that would be if Turkey switched to China and AESAN.

Not Student

Turkey best move is to triangulate between China and US, Russia and Europe. If played well, it could help to stabilize the middle east region. Not the mention tremendous status improve on Turkey.

Given Turkey Geopolitical importance, it is the powers of the world that need to come to her, not the other way round.



Look at this:

It seems that you gone have a military coup one of this days !!!


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Red Bottom wholesale

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Canada Goose Parka

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