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CEO Nutcracker


Another great post. Thanks!

If you add to the "troika", China,(another dead dollar holder) you get total devastation on the economic front.

The British Foriegn Minister's, suggestion that Russia, and other oil nations, join the EU stinks, as far as I'm concerned.

The Rothschild's of Europe, spoiled by the Yeltsin years of Jewish control over Russian oil, are infuriated and want control back! Thus, the US/UK harrassment.

Of course, the exiled oil barons of Russia have enjoyed freedom and refuge in the good ole US, UK and Israel. Why would Putin go for this arrangement, joining the floundering EU?

Jumping on the Titanic at this point is a suicidal decision for any nation that has resources, I would think.

By now, nobody should trust THIS rapacious axis of evil!

CEO Nutcracker

Oh, the US/UK/Israel monster is the 'axis' and the EU, being it's ass end.

D. F. Facti

OT - Giuliani is being re-broadcast on C-SPAN kissing ass at the Federalist Society. "Who do you trust more? People or government?" He wants to give more decision- making power to the people. Oh, American is divinely empowered. "Bob" Bork's nomination process was a disgrace. Clarence Thomas' hearing was almost like bringing back the Spanish Inquisition.

And he's bitchong treatment of Janice Rogers Brown! The phoniest Aunt Tomasina...

God, what a mediocre asshole. They'll probably nominate him.

Taking private property from private citizens to enrich developers ... bad.

Taking public property from the taxpayer and giving it to developers ...priceless.

Now he's on to "under God" in the Pledge.

How the hell did he ever get eleced Mayor of NY? He's a fucking idiot! New Yorkers are supposed to be wise to jerks like Rudy.


Phase 2 of NWO unfolding: The integration of Russia, Eastern bloc countries, Middle East and Africa into the EU. The US, Canada, Mexico and Central and South America in to the US. China, Japan, India, all of East and South East Asia and Australia and New Zealand into UA (United Asia). Everything else is a Greek tragedy for our entertainment and confusion.


My personal point of view has undergone a total sea change. In some way I do not understand, the foiled Cheney impeachment drive seems to have triggered this.

I'm now into radical community crisis management, mainly due to the inevitable oil/financial crash that is soon to come. We will not be driving around much longer. We will learn to survive together, or we will simply die together. Stay tuned.

Big hearts come later

On Thursday, the news was "Dollar to stay anchored to China's reserves"

Makes great press huh? Was that story was for the general public of the US, while the homefront China story is "drop the buck".



Look at this Strength Index

United States of America 363
Germany 355
France 206
Italy 203
United Kingdom 201
Japan 190
China 119
Netherlands 117
Russian Federation 64
Spain 62
Singapore 59
South Korea 59
Hong Kong 55

This economic study can be found here:

I think it used old data. Anyway it's worth read it.


Ok, the data is old, as I forescasted: 1998.

Elaine Supkis

Boy, is it old. Heh. The landscape has shifted so much in 9 years, we dug a hole through the earth to China and they are beginning to shovel it all back in again on us.


Very very funny:«So here we are: the troika of Russia, Iran and Venezuela have replaced the Axis of Evil of Iran, Iraq and North Korea. An imaginary axis has been replaced by a very real joint organization which has one end in mind: the crushing of US imperial power. »


It would be very interesting to make this study again with 2007 data.

Valentino Piana

The same study for 2003 is available here:

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