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Al Qaeda killed her.
CIA killed her.
Nawaz Sharif killed her.
Condi and Zalmay killed her.
Iranian secret police killed her.
She killed herself.
Allah directed the hand, Yaweh loaded the cartridges, Krishna planned. The norns measured and cut.
She is more useful now. She just didn't realize that she would be more useful now.
Her death benefits Hillary because the US citizenry will gravitate to a STRONG FORCEFUL leader.
Her death benefits Obama because the US citizenry will realize that this is just another BUSH DIPLOMATIC FAILURE.
Her death benefits Fred Thompson because he just today pointed out that NO woman should be president.
Her death benefits CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, Disney, GE.
It is AMAZING how beneficial she has become now that she is no more.
Something else happened somewhere else in the world today that is of more importance but whatever it is will not be shown because her death benefited whoever wanted to keep attention directed in one direction and not another.


I was shocked to hear of her death. She was the US horse in the race, Sharif maybe being the best of a bad lot. Lot of people could have killed her. Unintended consequences always come back to haunt us. This will be no exception.

Elaine Supkis

No, this has all the earmarks of al Qaeda. Many Americans wish that there was no such thing and that all the stuff going on is fantasy or pretend.

I am puzzled by this. Normally, people love to see 'magic in action.' And in this case, it is painfully obvious to me.

Further: this death very definitely counts for something! The US wants desperately to have the Muslim parts of the planet to cease wanting radical religious goals WHILE THE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

We are very, very radical! We give huge sums of money to radical religious nuts who want to use violence to gain power and control over holy shrines and other actions! This is why we can't laugh off all this religious stuff broiling out of the Muslim world!

If we want to see rationality, we have to give up trying to seize, control and depopulate the Holy Lands so we can use it for our own religious and ethnic purposes. I have a lot more to say about all this.


Triple cap and then an explosion. Sounds like two different earmarks to me. Funny thing about earmarks, once they exist anyone can copy them. Not disagreeing that her assassination might be important; just not giving it the same weight you are.

Elaine Supkis

This is one more move in the End of Times game. Americans who are not hooked into the End of Times machine imagine this is all hysteria on my part.

I was raised by End of Times CIA people! Gads! On top of this, they wanted me to 'see' into the future and I saw "IT" which is the End, of course.

This is why I hate the economics going on. The Chinese hope we deflate quietly but I know that the people who can push the world into WWIII are very much in control of our government and our foreign policy. Bin Laden's family was close to the Bush family. He knows the Bushes and their spooky side, the Dark Side, if you will.

This is why he can exploit this and we better not ignore this. The entwining of the Bush/bin Ladens is just one part of the mess we have to change. And how can we do anything if we are naive and won't look at things from a new perspective.

Pakistan has nukes. The unravelling there affects Russia and China a great deal. Both have an interest in this. Both supported Bhutto and both are very annoyed by the rise in bombings in Pakistan. We moved the bombings from Iraq to Pakistan! I have a lot to say about all these things for we are seeing a vast sea change in the way the world is ordered and we are not the ones placing the orders.


How real was the Elite support for Bhutto? I remember reading a article in the Guardian where Bhutto said she was having dinner with family and friends, when out of nowhere she got a phone call from Jack Straw telling her she was back in from the cold. She was nowhere, exiled, with no hopes of returning to Pakistan then suddenly the Brits/US rolled out the red carpet for her... And Musharaf was supposed to be tickled pink he got to share power with Bhutto? It is obvious she was a pawn, not a player. But who sacrificed her, and for what?


Was AQ behind the previous assassination attempt on Bhutto? 10/18/2007 doesn't seem paticularly magical.


Ah, ofc ze Nukes. Will be interesting to see what comes out of this.


Amen CK! But what is it?


Policy on Taliban
The Taliban took power in Kabul in September 1996. It was during Bhutto's rule that the Taliban gained prominence in Afghanistan. She viewed the Taliban as a group that could stabilize Afghanistan and enable trade access to the Central Asian republics, according to author Stephen Coll.[13] He claims that her government provided military and financial support for the Taliban, even sending a small unit of the Pakistani army into Afghanistan.

More recently, she took an anti-Taliban stance, and condemned terrorist acts committed by the Taliban and their supporters


The assets held by Bhutto and her husband have been scrutinized. The prosecutors have alleged that their Swiss bank accounts contain £740 million.[19] Zardari also bought a neo-Tudor mansion and estate worth over £4 million in Surrey, England, UK.[20][21] The Pakistani investigations have tied other overseas properties to Zardari's family. These include a $2.5 million manor in Normandy owned by Zardari's parents, who had modest assets at the time of his marriage.[15] Bhutto denied holding substantive overseas assets.

Bhutto and her husband until recently continued to face wide-ranging charges of official corruption in connection with hundreds of millions of dollars of "commissions" on government contracts and tenders. But because of a power-sharing deal brokered in October 2007 between Bhutto and Musharraf, she and her husband had been granted amnesty


magic is about levitating things or bending spoons!

awww crikey we go so well for so long and then comes this.......bending spoons for christ sake......i thought uri geller said that was psychic powers of the mind not the dark arts!!!!

Then Al Qaeda was hatched deep inside the darker corners of the CIA.....yet now operates independantly of the CIA and conducts covert actions against the CIA????? and then we see that the Bush family and the Bin ladens are intermeshed...yet now they are at war???? WTF????

bin ladens magic is stronger than the magic of that filthy nazi old man prescotts??????

and no one can catch the spooky man bin laden?????? FFS!!!!!

sometimes we try and look to deeply at things and miss the blatantly bloody obvious!!!

Happy Festivus!!


Elaine Supkis

Yes, there have been previous attacks on her. She had MANY enemies. And yes, there is a lot of chaos in Pakistan and yes, everyone has played footsie with the radical Islamists. Everyone hopes to control them. They have considerable potential power.

And few people want to admit this. Everyone thinks they can manipulate this power and this is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. But this is why we see things unfolding in this fashion: all needles on the world compass are set towards Jerusalem.

Ordinary people wish this were not so. Many people think, we can just go about our business, ignoring this and then things happen to force this into our minds but then we wipe it out again.

This is due to a feeling of helplessness. We desperately need to chop up and destroy as much of the former Ottoman Empire as possible. Divide it all into tiny pieces. Then the forces embedded within it won't bother us and we can then ignore history.

I can't and won't ignore the future just because i hope it will look like today. This is impossible. The force that bin Laden represents is not a trivial force. How many of us can do suicide bombings, for example?

The energy of the belief systems that is fueling this fire are not small but al-consuming. The game played by the Great Gamesters is not going to end with us in control of Islamic lands.

Elaine Supkis

The despair of the West as it tries to consume the Ottoman Empire is clear to my own eyes. I don't see any Americans thinking that we well be defeated by these forces. We imagine that we can somehow, manipulate or control it all and it would hammer either Russia or China, for example. The thought that this force will defeat US is still not part of the picture...yet. We imagine that our invasions and alliances with despots, the money we give to Egypt or Jordan will enable us to control and manipulate the 'Arabs on the street' to a degree whereby they will be our puppets and slaves, is pure insanity.

And again: Bin Laden's strategy is for us to go bankrupt, trying to prop up an endless succession of puppets hated by Muslims. This belief is so strong, there is virtually no anti war movement left in America unlike during Vietnam.

Our control of Iraq is illusory, the Shias are playing a cat and mouse game with us which they know they will win, the instant we try to neutralize their control of Iraq, they will toss us out. The Arab kings are already negotiating with China as their future protector. And of course, in the 'stan' countries, they are carving out a new series of mini-empires that will triangulate with neighbors, being China and Russia, of course.

How will this end? Bin Laden is betting, with the US a much reduced power and Islam resurgent.


The more you (LOL imagine that Elaine and Dubya agreeing on the enemy LOL) try to paint Bin Laden as the bogey man the more you ignore the real danger, the real enemy, within your own goverment, your own executive branch, your own police force, your own religious institutions, your own elitist banking system, your military and covert organisations....

The danger is within Elaine all the rest is noise.

peace and love



How will this end? Bin Laden is betting, with the US a much reduced power and Islam resurgent.

Is that such a bad thing????

maybe if we left the poor pricks alone they wouldnt hate us as much!


FWIW Osama Bin Laden – based on a birth date of 30 July 1957 at 5 am Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – has a mental strength rating somewhere around 2 orders of magnitude higher than anyone else in my astrological files. This is according to a system originated by Wm Lilly who predicted the 1666 Great Fire of London 14 years beforehand and was tried and acquitted of setting it. There is nothing in my files of other charts and other planets even close to this huge disparity.

I published a prediction of a great apocalypse to hit the USA in September of 2005 in May of that year but no one has yet come after me.

I have always been certain there are Arabic astrological clues to the dates of significant events but have not yet followed up in these studies. The Arabs were some of the first and most competent astrologers inheriting the wisdom the Chaldeans and other ancients. Recall that our number system comes from them.


Interesting stuff as always, Elaine.


Virginia Gentleman: I don't know, when I find out ( or more likely when it hits one of the foreign news agencies and I read it ), I will post about it. At a guess, something major in the financial policies of the major playas.
Elaine: Anyone can logically and rationally choose to become a one man guided missle. The Japanese had no problems with it, the Sri Lankans are the most ardent practitioners of it. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose but you can take a few of the bastards with you when you check out. The horror of suicide bombing is that it is so damn cost effective, so hard to detect ahead of time, and leaves no POWs to rendition or interrogate enhancedly.
The horror of it when it comes to the USA is that so many here are obese already it will be hard to tell who is carrying a few extra pounds of fat around their waist and who is carrying a few extra pounds of C4 there. ( Now you know why suddenly there is a federally sanctioned war on obesity )!!

Not Student


Funny you should mention the Aquarius Rising. I am some sort of a mystic myself and have tried to warn people about the Aquarius rising to no effect. But the so-called End of Times will not be achieved in this era. Not the way you imagine in any case.

Traditionally, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is associated with Power and Structure. However, the modern ruler, Uranus, associates with Science, Logic and Enlightenment. Also, Aquarius rule the 11th house which can be associated with humanitarian ideas and acquintences.

On the other hand, however, Saturn being the symbol of Death and Aquarius correspond to "The month of destruction" in the Babylonian Calendar does indicate some sort of trouble, but the aquarian force of power and structure + science and logic will prevail in the end.

I will be more worried if Capricorn is on the Rising.


I guess there is dark magic, and there is bright magic. Bright magic is always subtle, and usually benign. Dark magic is not so subtle, and is never truly benign. All the Abrahamic religions are dark, despite their endless disclaimers.

I always recommend that people stay away from dark magic. But then, some may not have that option.

If these fools who are playing the strange global game are really that deep into dark magic, then they really need to be banished. But they always hide behind "religion."

Elaine Supkis

I was born on the cusp of the Great Trigon. And right in time for the creation of hydrogen bombs. hooray.

Bin Laden is not fictional. He is quite real. My family has been involved with the Saudi Arabians since the mid-1950s. We have been VERY CLOSE to them. VERY. Except for me, any Saudi over the age of 16 was forbidden and this was one country I was not allowed to go meddle with. My parents left me in Europe or America whenever they did business in SA.

Like the Bush family, we hobnobbed with these people. NONE of them were 'fanatical' back in 1966. Many of them were by 1976. Guess what? A certain wars over a certain bit of Middle Eastern land radicalized them increasingly over the years.

They are all CYNICAL, too! Believe it or not. They, like the Japanese, assume they will either own us or bankrupt us. Bin Laden simply added 'actively at war' with us as a third option because he says, 'I want to push this along a bit faster.' See?

The Bush interactions with all this is criminal. They are traitors. I don't run anything in America except for my tiny little bit of a mountain and forest. Bush runs the damn country. And he propped the door open for bin Laden. So he is a traitor.

On the other hand, many things on 9/11 surprised even him. But not me.

I suspect people don't want to understand Bin Laden and his appeal to a billion Muslims because the thought that we are charting a course that leads to our destruction as a power and perhaps, country, is hard to grasp.

They aren't doing this because they hate us, they have to do this to STOP us. WE are invading THEM, as some readers here point out quite correctly. And seriously, it isn't that hard to have civil relations with Muslims, I have done this in the past and see no difficulty in doing it in the future. We can't change them by stealing from them, we must be civilized. Just like with Asia. And the first step, which we should take with Africa, is to APOLOGIZE for our actions in the past. Then we can start talking about co-existence.


A little history for the folks here:
Ms Bhutto had a lot of enemies she could count on and she had Negroponte and Khalilzad and Condi as her support in Pakistand. That translates into no allies either. Just another dead kleptocrat. I wonder if the purpose behind USA diplomacy over the last 20 years has not been to create as many failed states as possible and loot them for the benefit of the BUsh family. What a list: Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Albania, Macedonia, Iraq ( second times the charm ), Somalia, Lebanon, Kosovo, Venezuela ( failed ), Columbia, East Timor, Phillipines ( not successful yet ), Iran ( failed ), Pakistan ( succeeding ), USA ( succeeding ). The only bright spots in USA diplomacy have been Libya and Paraguay --- they love them some Bush down there. The three nations who the US has tried hardest to make failures of have applied a bit of judo to the attempts: Russia, North Korea, China. When you try to create a snake pit and succeed why are you surprised when the vipers bite?


You're completely wrong in this whole area, Elaine.

bin Laden is dead. The majority of Al Qaeda is a false flag operation, with a portion of its operators being those who are duped into believing it's a real movement.

Al Qaeda, as defined and understood by the world, had nothing to gain by killing Bhutto. Nothing. Al Qaeda as it really exists, a false flag operation, had much to gain. Much.

All the western world is fighting over Jerusalem. It is there the answers are found.

Only Russia, China, and Japan are outside the intrigue and drama being carried out among the offspring of Abraham.

Evangelical Christianity has convinced many that it occupies the catbird seat of human history, when in truth it is the dupe of those seated at the source of power.

The one that stays free of the drama being played out will be the next World Power.

Unless all the 2012 hype turns out to be true...


doesnt matter if bi laden is dead or alive, he is a patsy just as oswald was, the eternal spoon bending boogeyman!!!!!

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