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you really ought to watch that zeitgeist movie i linked to in the last thread, Elaine. it covers much of the ground you frequently travel over.


Good post Elaine. Americans are so blinded by conventional wisdom that even 60+ years later they still don't want to rationally discuss nuking Japan. Even liberals avoid the subject. I don't know whether or not Iran ever had a nuke weapons program. I do know Khomeini opposed it. The Shah hella wanted nukes and in spite of that the Ford administration was pushing to sell "peaceful" nuclear energy to him. When asked about why our policy towards Iran having nuclear energy changed Kissinger was honest enough to admit it was because that regime was our ally.


Why was this report released and who got it published?

This report does not help the neocons or the Jews, so who was behind it? The Jews have disavowed it already, and Bush has downplayed it significantly.

Who would have the power to publish this and crater Bush's plans to invade Iran?

Does anyone know? I am relieved, but curious.


there's an article by Ray Mcgovern who says pressure from the Pentagon, in particular Fallon on the Director of National Intelligence caused it to be released. Guy named McConnell. here's a link to the article:


DeVaul, my question exactly!


bankers vs. bankers. whoever dies with the most gold to pass to the heirs wins.


unfortunatley zeitgeist travels down the 9/11 road that Elaine wont even consider contemplating, ie not only that the US govt was negligent, but that they were complicit in the planning and execution and that bin laden was and is just a paid cia patsy/boogeyman/perpetual war pin up boy. ;)

other than that Elaine is spot on the mark!!

Elaine Supkis

9/11 was a hyper-magic number day. I saw it BEFORE it happened. I am a psychic who has worked with the FBI in the past, when the OKC bombing happened, within 3 minutes of the explosion, the BATF was on the phone, calling me because I warned them it would happen just a week earlier.

With 9/11, the government did NOT call me. Even when I sent an email to a BBC reporter I knew minutes before the attacks telling them NYC was going to be attacked, no one contacted me. When the first jet hit, I knew there was a second one coming and as I frantically tried to call the FBI, my husband said, 'Don't bother, they want this to happen.'

So that is that. Jumping from this fact that an attack was being orchestrated and was desired to the notion that the government needed to blow up the WTC is pure insanity. As if my own thing isn't insane enough.

There were no bombs in the WTC. It made no sense. When the Pentagon was attacked, this came as a total surprise to the military who expected plane #3 to hit DC, not them. Both Bush and Rumsfeld were hoping the plan would be to hit Congress which is a huge target.

The White House was a too-small target but when the pentagon flew an unmarked plane over it, the WH panicked. Understanding 9/11 is important. What everyone should know is, it is a primary Outer Darkness moment when the ruling elites who belong to things like the Skull and Bones which is a satanic ritual cult, were praying to the Empress of the Darkness, the dire ladies who control fate and time, to make them powerful and rich.

When we discuss the ruling elites, I notice that even when people who have investigated the many branches of satanic ritualists who infest our government, they don't take it very seriously. It is nearly impossible for them to say, 'They use black magic and it works.'

This magical system is part of the magic money wizardry I talk about. The Outer Darkness is an exact but opposite mirror of waking life. The destruction of the WTC that was total and complete was NOT expected at all because the magicians themselves didn't understand what they unleashed.

This is why they ran around in a total panic that day AFTER the towers collapsed. Before that, they were quite smug. I watched all this closely.

The need to RATIONALIZE things with all the fantasies of ninja-style sneaking in of bombs or flying a missile into the Pentagon while hiding a plane full of people, etc, are all fabulous stories which at least are not connected to a bunch of spoiled brat magicians throwing stupid spells while enabling an attack on the USA. That idea is too horrible to comtemplate and for some reason, even the 'we love magic' community cannot and will not accept or entertain this idea for some reason.

No matter how I explain it, no one listens to me and this is also how the Outer Darkness works. It can be operational totally and one can be oblivious to it even as it is crashing right down on our heads.

This sounds insane. But then, since when have humans been sane? Never, I would suggest.


see ;) insanity is as insanity does! ;)

anyway...cant wait to see what Herr Bush pulls out of the hat with regards to iran now.

Blunt Force Trauma

"Well, it looks increasingly like Iran Kitty has won yet another round with Miz Liberty. Either way, the US has lost."

Try telling that to Jorge. His spinsters have been working O.T. trying to thwart the recent report that stated Iran had scrapped it's nuke weapon pgm in '03.

Saw his 'highness' on Bloomberg TV this morning saying something to the effect of; "Since they once had a nukular weapons program, they could re-start it and make them again." So there's a good reason to obliterate a country. Why stop at Iran? There are several other countries he could go after with that line of reasoning? North Korea?


Thanks for the link. I read it. Looks like I am not the only person who found it to be a miracle.

Man, would I really like to believe there are upper level commanders in our military who would risk everything to nix a war with Iran or any other country our monkey king wants to mutilate.

I would really love to believe that.

Elaine Supkis

Well, one of Hitler's top staff tried to kill him, too.


I cannot believe they screwed that up. How difficult is it to set a briefcase down next to someone who is peering over a map?

That's got to be world's worst assassination attempt.


They could have hired an Indian off the rez to run Hitler over with a pickup truck for 20 bucks and had a better chance of success plus saved a perfectly good briefcase.

Elaine Supkis

He was a speed freak. They could have sold him some bad stuff from some suburban speed mill. Hell, just doped him up. But then our own dictator is a drunken sot on drugs and we do nothing.


The Zeitgeist movie is really "9/11 -- The musical." Regardless of whether you agree with the positions it takes on a surprising range of issues, you might love the thing as a great musical, or opera. Just neglect the messages, and enjoy the beat! Wow!

Elaine and I have looked at the 9/11 thing differently. Let me roll out my best guess about what really happened. I suppose it went like this: It was an INSIDE, INSIDE job. The pentagon knew nothing about the explosives. Nor did the white house. The inner circles of the occult powers (you could call it the Inner Illuminati) accomplished it by infiltrating the intelligence agencies.

Certainly occult forces played a role, but the buildings were destroyed by explosives, not by the aircraft impacts. It is now obvious that building #7 was a classic controlled demolition. This fact obviously implies that the rest of the disaster was accomplished by atypical controlled demolitions, unless we assume that skyscrapers are often pre-equipped with demolition devices (which is highly unlikely), since it takes many days to place effective demolition charges.

The white house may have been in on the plot to crash the planes into the buildings, but they were unaware of the demolition explosives. The disaster was thus centerpiece of a coup -- Bush, Chaney, and the congresspeople were forced to acknowledge that the occult powers are the real masters.

The following link provides the most solid evidence that the buildings were brought down by explosives (scroll down to the piece about Danny Jowenko):

Engineers and Architects Question

~Jeff Hill: Yes? So, you as being a controlled demolitions expert, you've looked at the building, you've looked at the video and you've determined with your expertise that --

~Danny Jowenko: I looked at the drawings, the construction and it couldn't be done by fire. So, no, absolutely not.


~Danny Jowenko: When the FEMA makes a report that it came down by fire, and you have to earn your money in the States as a controlled demolition company and you say, "No, it was a controlled demolition", you're gone. You know?~

The release of the latest National Intelligence Estimate was probably not opposed by Bush, despite his obligatory political rhetoric. Bush is now out of the loop completely. The intelligence agencies are now the ones who will decide if there will be war or not. In two months they can "find" evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapon project, and in that case Bush will be forced to attack Iran, even though he really doesn't want to (despite his obligatory rhetoric).

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