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D.F. Facti

The news about Benazir Bhutto is upsetting in the extreme.


Actually it isn't important at all.
Whatever deals she and Rice and Khalilzad had became moot when the Saudi's slipped the other ousted Premier ( Nawaz Sherif ) back into Pakistan.
Ms Bhutto could have enjoyed a long and prosperous life on the NYC to DC cocktail circuit. It is inevitable when one starts believing their press clippings and forgets that they can be as useful as a dead symbol as they are as a live but minor irritant.
I do find it very interesting that the King of Saudi Arabia has invited the President of Iran to make the Hajj, and the President has accepted. Isn't it funny how those continious Sunni's and Shia's can triangulate when it is in their interests.

Elaine Supkis

Bin Laden had her killed! And this is HUGE news. He collected a very great scalp here. The king of Saudi Arabia is terrified. Thus, his overtures to Iran Kitty.

Pete McLaughlin

I agree that not one in one million americans noticed the japanese-chinese dispute over the japanese war memorial and rewritting of their history book concering the origins of the second world war for japan.
The Japanese were on the verge of repealing article 9 of their consitiution which renounces the ues of war in international relations.
when this dispute quieted down I wondered what was going on. thanks for the update.

Happy New Year,
enjoy the good times while they last.



Bin Laden's organization has certainly taken credit for her demise. Not a great scalp just one of many. Hell the Chinese intelligence agencies could be behind it, she might have upset the status quo slightly vis a vis the chinese vassal state of Pakistan.
Anyhow here is a link to an interesting bank report that has received much coverage in Europe and Russia but about zip here
( it is a PDF file )

Elaine Supkis

China TRIAGULATES between Pakistan and India. They want both to appeal to China as PEACE KEEPERS in the sense of 'useful ally.'

Triangulation is the highest of the high diplomatic arts! Americans don't seem to comprehend this.


Yes and when something appears that can upset the triangulation, sometimes great states create a small omelet before it can grow to become a larger disruption.

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