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No one doubts that bin laden exists(either dead or alive)...what we do disagree on is his role...where you attribute to him the role of the grand puppeteer steering the entire course of history, I/we do not.

dont feel bad though its ok to be wrong every now and again, no one will think any less of you for it ;)


What Elaine attributes to bin Laden should not taken in too literal a sense as most readers are painting her. She is focused on his accomplishments, not his myth. Yes, he is just a single man but look at his end game! Ever hear the saying, "There is no limit to what a man can accomplish as long as he doesn't care who takes the credit?"

It's like the game Go, or for the less familiar, like billiards. If you understand the law of action and reaction, and combine it with a good understanding of the human psyche and world history; a well networked individual with the proper resources and support base could create ripple events that cause other events, that cause other events, until their desired target event is achieved.

99.95% of the world's population is reactive rather than proactive. Bin Laden is or was (it's immaterial at this point whether he is dead or alive, his target events are seemingly coming to fruition) a proactive catalyst for the good or bad (depending on your perception and political affiliation) of humanity. Clearly, he has been able to capitalize on not only weaknesses of his enemies, but more importantly their strengths.

Singularly, he has contributed by and far the most to the end of Pax Americana. More than the Kaiser, Hitler, Yamamoto, Sadam, put together. We must grudgingly give him credit for that.

Elaine Supkis

He is not a 'puppeteer' but a PROPHET. We like to think that no one acts irrationally or stupidly yet we wail about how people in America reflectively run off to the very people destroying our nation every time bin Laden appears in the news!

Guess what? The rulers are 'using him' but HE IS USING THEM!

He is capable of this because he is a member of the ruling class of the world and he learned how they operate from very close quarters and on top of this, his family knows the Bushes very close up.

He, like myself. can insert himself into a slot in the flow of history and move it in a direction he wants. This is happening now. With the generous help of the Bushes!

He KNEW Bush would use him to scare Americans into attacking more and more Muslims and he certainly knew that the corrupt and evil Bush family would fight these wars very lousily, they would use these wars as excuses to loot America. So he reasoned that this would, in turn, bankrupt America.

His goal, which is to cleanse Mecca, hinges on destroying America because the USA funds Zionism. It is that simple. His genius comes from knowing his opponent's psychology. Lord knows, bin Laden's plan is working like clockwork!

On the left, the huge collective effort to deny all this has allowed everyone to pretend we have no responsibility to deal with this nexus created by bin Laden. The left thinks they can simply ignore all this! It seems to me to be an excuse to not face up to the problem of Zionism. I don't like most leftist web sites and rarely read them because of this. The left MUST deal with the issue of Israel!

Viewing the religious underpinnings of the Muslim Revival allows us to have our cake and eat it too. We can be liberals at home while allowing Israel to become a violent, fascist state that feeds off of us and fuels the Muslim reaction. When bin Laden issues his warnings, if we deny his reality, we can ignore his obvious warnings.

The left cannot defeat the right in the US if we are hitched to the same fascist/ethnic cleansing wagon. Indeed, a horrible ethnic war is brewing here in the US itself. The chances that the US will end up being led by an End of Times Chrisitan fanatic itching to unleash the Apocalypse is rising, not falling. I don't see more rationality but less rationality.

Look at all the front runners for dictator of America! All of them want to drag us into more wars with Islam and more attempts at either corrupting, controlling or destroying the culture of the Islamic people. All of them want Israel to be a Jewish state and not a modern state! All of them want us to control the Holy Land so we can use its magical powers.

And 80% of the people being led into this are Christians and only 2% are Jewish and I see a future Adolf Hitler dealing with our financial problems by ordering the death of all Jews since they have money! This dark future is the more likely one right now.

Looting religious minorities is a very old game. And Bin Laden knows his history. He hopes everyone would just rise up and throw us down but he also knows that our power is financial and nuclear and both can be taken care of via the simple mechanism of bankrupting us.

What is the left doing about this plan? Are we warning Americans, every time bin Laden is in the news, that this is his plan? I don't think so.

Anyway, I am very used to no one listening to me. Especially when I talk about things I know the best. My foreknowledge in this matter is tremendous. I you want to think about me as a psychic, I assure everyone, on this issue, I am very much in the right. The hopes of the left that pretending bin Laden is nobody plays into the hands of the guys trying to take over the earth so they can loot us.

Elaine Supkis

Many, many years ago, I swore I would try to stop the Apocalypse. About 20 years ago, bin Laden swore he would bring us the Apocalypse. About 200 years ago, an ancestor of mine explained to his fellow students at Yale, how to open Portals to the Outerdarkness so the Skull and Bones was hatched.

1,000 years ago, ancestors of mine invaded the Holy Land and rushed into Jesus' tomb, covered in blood from the slaughter and prayed for the End of Times.

All these things were real when they happened and all of them moved the Wheel of History. Ignoring the dark side of history may let people feel good about things but it doesn't change the direction this wheel turns. I know that my readers don't want the End of Times, thank goodness.

But denying how it works won't stop this. The irrational forces of the human collective Id are very, very powerful. Understanding these forces means being able to do something sane about them. Ever since we discovered the power of the greatest demons of all, nuclear and hydrogen bombs, we have been on the threshold of Total Annihilation.

Couple this with the collective death wishes of millions of people praying for annihilation and we get serious future problems. Note that the End of Times fanatics here are taking over our missile and nuclear bomb programs. My own family has End of Times people in it who have pushed and are pushing for this horror which is why I take it very seriously, not as a joke.

Half of this involves the corruption of American morals. Jesus will come when half of us are totally amoral. Then he 'cleans' us by murdering us. I figured out the demonic character of all this back in 1967 and struggle with this issue.

For example, note how the famed 'religious revival' of the right wing Christians COINCIDES with the spread of gambling! It is not a coincidence from chance, it is a facet of the Apocalypse which the Christians are cultivating deliberately. One of my End of Times relatives who is a preacher, used to work in the Colorado facility by the air force then they moved him to Las Vegas to continue his work towards the Apocalypse.

He hates me because I am desperate to counteract him in this. He will deny he is working towards this even as he prays it will happen. He is NOT pro-disarmament, I have NEVER met an End of Times Christian who is pro-disarmament! The Jews have been seduced by nuclear power so the disarmament movement which had many Jews in it has collapsed and been replaced with a 'disarm the MUSLIMS' movement. Which we are in right now and of course, bin Laden's plan is for Islam to have nukes, too, only not the Shiites, of course.

This tangled web can't be figured out if we pretend the Muslim world doesn't have inspirational leaders of any sort. By default, they have bin Laden. The average Muslim does NOT want to follow him but will be FORCED BY THE US AND ISRAEL to follow him! I hope this helps you understand what I struggle to explain.


For each of us there will come our own personal End of Time. A suicide decides when that time will be, a suicide bomber decides for himself and some retail amount of others. It takes a government instituted among men to arrange for the wholesale Ending of Time. It takes a government imbued with and beholden to some religion to make the wholesale ending of time moral and the retail ending of time horrifying and immoral.
From my limited readings, it appears that most cultures have Beginning of Time stories or myths or sagas. Does the Quaran or the Torah or the Book of the Dead or any of the other large religion's foundation sagas have an equivalent to the Revelations and the prayed for Ending of Time that the Christians lust for?
My problem is not that I disagree with Elaine; it is that I think she is correct in her projections and I don't want her to be correct. I like living. I like my morning coffee and smoke and my evening Scotch, my fruit trees and my business. MY Life.
I like my family well enough and my acquaintences and few friends and fewer fiends quite a lot. All of them will die from one thing or another as and when the Norns see fit. (Maybe the Norns have a union, Norn work stoppages or Cutting all the threads at once.)
Some will go after I have gone and someone will replace each of them and me and mine. If we all go at once the crowding and delays will be worse than any TSA plagued airport terminal one can envision. No I don't wish for Elaine to be correct in her evaluations, but I see nothing to contradict her, nothing to gainsay her, nothing to invalidate her hypotheses.


another great post. Thank you. Your historic knowledge extends to the Indian Wars, and is right on the $. My fathers tribe, Quechan, had their crops along the Colorado river and food stores destroyed. Never lost a battle to the Spanish, Mexicans or Americans but we still had to surrender. Anyone reading this feel free to use the VC response to a similar boast from a US general at the Paris talks- "it may true but it's irrelevant ".

I had noticed the plan to increase the SPR, but hadn't made your connection. A good possibility.

Regarding China's plans, they seem to me like the old Dallas Cowboys. If you follow football, during the Landry days the Cowboys made the playoffs every year and went to the Super Bowl every 5 or 6 years. Didn't want to spend the $ or disrupt team chemistry by making a run every year. China doesn't want to rule the world, they want to be near the top and remain there. It costs too much to maintain a worldwide empire. They'll control Asia and be dominant across the globe. Hu/Wen are Gil Brandt and Landry. or maybe Hu is Tashunka Wico, Crazy Horse.


That's from Al, not Ala. bumped by one of a million kids running thru the house helping celebrate the holidays.
Happy New Year to all the readers of this site, by the way. Hope all of us/you have good luck and times next year and in the future.
Particularly you, Elaine. I hope you and your family enjoy good health and happiness this coming year and far into the future.


Endtimes a Christian scenario only?

End of Days is mentioned in the Jewish Tanakh several times. The Talmud in Avodah Zarah states the world to exist for 6000 years from Adam. Admittedly by their calender there should be about 230 years to go.

Shia Islamic people expect the messianic fiqure Muhammad al Mahdi (the 12th appointed succesor to the Prophet Muhammad) to come. They also expect a new world religion (not devinely inspired) to arise in the end days in a Great Deception by the Dajjal (false messiah). The Dajjal will claim to be the savior of humanity and people of all faiths will unite under him. The Sunni Islamist also mention this in their tradition. Jesus is to descend from heaven behind the Madhi and is to destroy the Dajjal in Jerusalem.

Christians believe the messiah already came in the person of Yeshua (Jesus) and His return is in the end days to defeat a new world religion headed by the antichrist. All of humanity except those belonging to God (YHWH) will fall under the antichrist deception and will kill all who do not swear allegiance to the antichrist and receive his mark in order to buy or sell.
The Shia Islamic people expect to be persecuted by this antichrist fiqure (Dajjal) also just as Christians expect. Christians expect after the defeat of the antichrist and his forces there will be 1000 year reign of Christ and that the devil( satan) will be turned loose again at the end of this 1000 years and then at his final defeat the world will be purged by fire and a New Jerusalem (created by God) will become their habitation.

The Zoroastrians concept of the world ending is by fire.

You see all these people are totally deluded in their thinking (NOT). Those who are under the current deception spiritually (and the delusion is strong) are the ones who will side with the coming world leader (Antichrist - Dajjal) and go to Jerusalem to battle against God Himself and when they who didn't want God in any form or fashion and battle against him are destroyed Elaine will say it is so wrong and blame God.

The fact that the major religions have been co-opted by evil within and do vast destruction is being blamed on God instead of the wickedness of man himself. Even state run atheistic nationalities resort to untold killing and evil all the time. Just look around and the world is full of greed, killing, lust for power and carnal action against their fellow man. For profits sake man won't give away drugs which could stop most third world diseases. Man just contiues to make a living killing and destroying each other.

I personally do not pray for Jesus return for the world's destuction but for a final peace and and end to the madness that persist. I pray for peace in Jerusalem and in the world but it will not come by man's hand. God's true faithful from Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others who desire in their heart a merciful, benevolent creator and savior will be drawn to the truth in appropriate time and will not fall to the deception. By my calculation you will get to make your choice after Nisan 11, 2013.

"And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it."

True Christians don't have to try to get the end time scenario to take place. It will come as ordained. The hook is in the jaw and the alliance of the "prince to come" ( one world western order) and his forces, Russia (Bear), Iran kitty (Lion) and China (Dragon) are all going to be a part of this.

There is not a thing you, I, Elaine, Ron Paul (who I will vote for) or anyone else can do to start or stop it from coming.

You see Elaine at least one Christian "lunatic" reads your site and guess what, I would that the world was at peace and everyone was prosperous, free from disease or famine, and tried to be a blessing to other people instead of using them for their own prosperity and greed. My savior would want it that way and He would rather me die for Him than kill in His Name. I don't see any of His early disciples (He and they are Jews) killing to spread His gospel of Grace and plenty being killed doing so. He said things like turn the other cheek, if asked to go a mile go two, if asked for your cloak give your tunic also. Nowhere do I see Him say make a preemptive strike out of fear or for prosperities sake or nation building.

Sorry for this rant ( I will try not to get on this topic again) but some here continually bash religion based on what they see in the paper and what certain individuals who are purported to be followers & leaders of that religion do when they might be just using those of faith for an ulterior purpose. I wouldn't want a theocracy even if given a chance to vote for one. Lastly, judge Christianity by Jesus and His teachings not by the example of some of His purported followers. They and I would fail you time and time again as even those who try to be as Him are human and fail miserably. May God Bless and Give Peace to all who frequent your site!



I suggest you read a book by the philosopher Daniel Dennett: Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.

Faith as a tool to maintain a positive outlook is a wonderful thing, however most religions have abused faith to ensure that the powerful stay powerful and their greed/abuses continue without challenge.

The challenge of the new enlightenment, the new renaissance is to recognize that through Humanism, the principle that life should be respected, EVEN if there is no God or grand purpose, human-kind can evolve.

Bill Moyers had a historian on his T.V. show in November who talked about the "cruelty of humans" throughout history. This is the challenge, how do you change the behavior of widespread cruelty, without being cruel to those same people. One of the main topics was the dealth penalty / prison system.

Elaine mentions that she can't go onto the leftist sites anymore because of their position or lack of a position on the Palestinian Holocaust. I agree because they are not rising up to the challenge of ending the cruelty of one race against another. However, most religions argue that they are the chosen people, thus their actions are justified by a higher power.

In Daniel Dennett's book he asks the question...
' How often do you see tribes, races, or religions say that they are just like everyone else?'

This meme does not survive, because the alternative is much more powerful psychologically.



C.S.: Thank you for that overview. As I said my reading in religion is about nil.


I think you totally ignored what CK said.

CK last very important quote was "Lastly, judge Christianity by Jesus and His teachings not by the example of some of His purported followers."

Christianity does not preach the killing of fellow humans but it does say that GOD will come and punish evildoers in the end time. It further reveals how that will play out. If that is evil to you so be it. To me it is more than just, for it allows evildoers to repent of their evil ways and they refuse, it is therefore more than justified that they be punished for all the evil they have wrought to humanity and planet earth.

Are we saying here that evil doers should never be punished for their evil deeds?


I think you totally ignored what CK said.

CK last very important quote was "Lastly, judge Christianity by Jesus and His teachings not by the example of some of His purported followers."

Christianity does not preach the killing of fellow humans but it does say that GOD will come and punish evildoers in the end time. It further reveals how that will play out. If that is evil to you so be it. To me it is more than just, for it allows evildoers to repent of their evil ways and they refuse, it is therefore more than justified that they be punished for all the evil they have wrought to humanity and planet earth.

Are we saying here that evil doers should never be punished for their evil deeds?

Elaine Supkis

Thank you, CS, for your TRUE religion. Oh, there are so many forces at work here! And what is the Antichrist?

He is Santa Claus. He gives and gives GOODIES. He tells everyone, he loves them and the road to redemption is easy. He tells everyone, there is no sacrifice but rather, the self will be powerful if all one does is crush all others and then be 'safe.'

My ancestor who were in the First Crusade, when they reached Jerusalem, behaved like demons from hell. There is no evading the bloody side of all religions. Buddhists can be as brutal as the Pope, after all.

This is due to the lure of ultimate power. The danger that is greatest to all religions is the power inherent within all religions. The ultimate tool of the demons in the Outer Darkness are two: money and worship.

The cheap lure is money. They can make infinite money appear. The second and more difficult is religious power. To be a god! By definition, all religious leaders fall into this trap. None are holy, ultimately.

Many humans find this impossible to understand. They desperately want someone to be a god. Note that nearly all modern [less than 5,000 years old] religions tend more and more to be based on mere humans of one sort or another.

For example, Pegasus, the Square that 'flies' above the Zodiac, is purely religious. He is more than 5,000 years old, he has elemental powers that precede Zeus and the other Taurian gods, he is from the Age of Virgo. One of the oldest gods. The Hunter, which is Orion, is so old, we have a carving of him done 30,000 years ago.

The Mother goddess is equally ancient if not far older. Perhaps, pre-human. We struggle to deal with the contradictions of religion. I note more than once, how the modern religions actually are death cults which is why I fear them. Indeed, humans are death creatures.

We have troubled sleep and we can barely be restrained from killing our own children. Indeed, some religions of the last several thousand years DID have parents sacrifice their own children. It is even in the Bible. Repeatedly. A tragic mistake no animals would do.

We are lost in a maze and the only way out is to look at the stars and to remember that hope is the strongest tool humans have, and to hope for love and peace is much preferred to wishing for an End of Times.


The Shadow can grow so powerful if we allow ourselves to be bent out of shape. All religious fanatics have very powerful Shadows from suppressing and denying so many natural qualities in themselves. It is tied to their death wish. Eventually the Shadow can be contained no longer and something horrible happens, like the Crusades or Holocaust. In a way the Russians are to be commended for accepting the inevitable collapse of the Soviet system. They could have chosen to go insane and go out with a bang. But they were not in the grip of religious fervour.

Neuro Artist

I was very proud this christmas when my 4 year old son told immediatelly after santa left that it was grandpa who was santa. I asked him how did he know that. And he said that he had grandpas tie, and he saw that he had grandpas beard under the fake beard. For a while I was tempted to try to convince him he was wrong, because I was told these things myself when I was a child (kind of a family tradition I guess). But then I realised that if I managed to convince him that what he saw was not for real, he would probably be more inclined to believe in other lies he will be told by other authorities later, instead of trusting his senses.

Christmas in itself is an interesting holiday. Predominantly pagan and egyptian mythology, with the sun of god being reborn after the winter solstice on the 25th of December, with the stars of orions belt (the three wise men of the east) pointing in the direction of the sun as it breaks the horizon. Apparently the early powerholders of the christian movement thought that Jesus message of forgiveness and love wasn't good enough without mixing in a great deal of ancient superstition that most people believed in at the time. And then you have santa, sad figure really, designed by coca-cola loosely based on a 4th century turkish-greek-roman saint (if you can call an elderly man putting gold coins in poor young girls stockings a saint?) mixed with the scandinavian mythological house goblin, nowadays mainly used by commercial interests to get people to spoil their children with gifts they can't afford.

Abolish christmas, instead lets celebrate that the days will get longer after the winter solstice, and try to remember to practice love and forgiveness every day, instead of the mythological crap we have been fed by our authorities for centuries with the intent of enslaving us after dumbing us down.


ugh end of times, antichrists, yahwehs, the second coming........


Religions were designed thousands of years ago to keep an uneducated population in subservient fear, this stuff belongs in the stone age and should have been left there, egyptians and earlier cultures were worshipping gods long before yahweh and JC came along, hell most of the christianity myths are borrowed from previous versions of gods/saviours/supernatural beings..

I really for the life of me cant believe that so called educated modern day people still refuse to believe that they control there own destiny....

When i speak to my wife about this she reminds me that these people have mostly been brainwashed from birth and are unable to break this programming and mindset, and this coming from a catholic who if push came to shove would probably admit that she beieves it aswell....

I guess she is right.

I personally think the world would be much better off with no religion at all.



Looks like Pakistan is about to crash and burn. The fools at the State Department must be pulling their hair out.

Some people are born religious. Some are not. I think it's an inherited trait. I never understood why people just accept the slop that's dumped on their mental plate, religious or otherwise.

Elaine Supkis

Well, today, I read the news in Italy and guess what? The madcap nut in the Vatican wants more EXORCISMS!

Care to join in exorcising him? HAHAHA.

Yes, there is a lot of madness out there and we are not too many steps away from 1000 AD, the end of the Dark Ages.


To Greg,

I am one of the so called brainwashed people. Because I believe in eternal life through Christ.

I believe in what he taught because he lived his own teachings.

Now, I never cease to be amazed at how we get to be attacked for what we believe in. But what is the alternative? Let me hazard a guess, say the origin of the universe from the Big Bang. This has been discredited beyond recognition but it still persists. Go here for quick one

That which you dare call programming is actually spirituality. The human being is utmost a spirit being. You contemplate life only as matter and therefore will never get in touch with yourself. You will remain "programmed" to believe that what you see is all there is.

To each his own. I wish you peace

D.F. Facti

This is way late in this thread, and I appreciate all of the discourse here - another great column - and the illustrations - - - you are such a genius, Elaine.

CS mentioned the admonition of Jesus to walk an extra mile if asked to walk one.

In the days of the Roman occupation of Palestine Jews were considered slaves. A Roman could demand that a Jew carry his equipment (whatever) for a mile. Jesus' admonition to carry it an extra mile may be interpreted as the means of self liberation (within the confines of slavery, mind you), because only a "free" person can volunteer to perform a task. Jesus was a radical liberator of the most oppressed people in the society, including women. But his philosophy was based on love and not triumphalism.

It was corrupted from the very beginning - as Islam was corrupted when the internecine struggle began after Muhammad's death - or ascension.

The Light must be rekindled in every generation. All institutions tend to become corruptive - none more so than the Church, unfortunately.

Elaine is one of the most enlightened and spiritual people I have ever encountered, by the way.


Religion != God.

But it *can* be a path back to God.

To assert that, because most religion is just another form of control attempted by the elites, therefore God and the spitiual realms are not real, is to be willfully blind to reality.

To all athiests and agnostics I issue this challenge: for 90 straight days, make at least 11 minutes time EVERY DAY to sit in silence. (Get a simple digital kitchen timer.) Do so when you are not under the influence of any mind-altering drugs, including alcohol. You do not have to adopt any particular posture, but sit with your back straight, in whatever way is comfortable, on the floor or in a chair. Keep your whole attention focused in the present while you sit; do not allow your mind to carry on with its typical incessant chattering about the past or the future. (If it does so, which it constantly will, gently remind yourself to be Here and Now.) Do not concentrate on or ignore any aspect of your surroundings. While you do this, allow these two questions to work within you:

1) How am I aware?
2) How am I conscious of being aware?

Do not try to "find an answer." Simply let the questions work within you. See what arises, but do not become attached to any of it.

Do this for 90 days without interruption, and most importantly, WITHOUT EXPECTATION. If, after this, you do not begin to have an understanding of God, the Soul and the Larger Reality, then you may shout your atheism from the rooftops, because you will, through honest self-inquiry, have truly earned the right to do so.

Elaine Supkis

I took the short cut! When I was only five, I was hit directly by a huge lightning bolt!

I fell into the Outer Darkness which is eternity. It is where all things are the opposite of what they are in 'waking' life. I was raised to be a Christian but when I fell, I didn't see angels or anything except for this flash of star-brilliance as this creature we call Pegasus came tearing past and I grabbed his burning mane and was pulled out of there and dumped unceremoniously onto the earth, half alive.

Afterwards, I had to figure things out. I still tried to do what my parents believed in but alas, this was not possible. I do not recommend being hit by lighting bolts over and over again as a good path to enlightenment. Only enlighningment. Heh.

My husband, I and a friend decided to cut apart a maple tree near the tent where we used to live. It was burned in the middle from a lightning bolt that hit my husband and myself back in 1994. It was most amusing, seeing the black burns running up inside the wood. Killed the core of the tree, by the way.

The Lightning Bolts site one of the readers here mentioned talks about lighting in plasma and I happen to think, they have a case! Lord knows, lightning lurks about the place LONG before a storm hits. I can feel it and accurately predict where a bolt will hit hours before a storm even comes.

Naturally, we take great care due to this.

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