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The UAE just closed a contract with the French to build a nuclear reactor. Think about that for a minute. The UAE probably has more oil and natural gas per capita than any place on earth, and they still want nuclear reactors.

Elaine Supkis

Yes, I saw that in the news! Like Iran, like even Saudi Arabia, they know what the future holds!

My dad convinced the former king, the assassinated king of Saudi Arabia, to not depend on oil but to build alternative energy systems, back in 1975! We know more than one assassinated world leader, by the way. It is too horrible.


Almost every account I've read by people who have survived lightning strikes notes that the experience addles one's wits terribly.

"The moves may have been a way for China to show its displeasure after President Bush awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama..."

We need to get out of the way and let the Dalai Lama deal with China all by himself. There's no upside gain to aqn alliance with the Dalai Lama. (Or any other lama, for that matter.)

Elaine Supkis

HAHAHA, Smith. You must be the victim of 20 direct hits, then.


The U.S. is a very young country. An infant among nations. Furthermore, it was built upon the flowing blood of genocide, The dead bodies of the indiginous people. There is a very bad karma that comes along with that type of atrocity. I can think of one or two other countries that have slaughtered their way to state ownership. They are all paranoid, reactive, and aggressive -- and have all been marginalized by the rest of the world.

The US was deliberately marginalized since we began invading sovereign nations and destroying them in 2003. From that point, and from the perspective of a currency trader, I have watched the careful, subtle global choreography -- all nations acting in concert -- to cut America off at the knees.

And, without coming to blows. Sun Tzu would be proud.

Jim Smith

According to a Presscue write up of a Wire Services report, George W met with Ben Netanyahu while in Jerusalem and agreed with him that a pre-emptive NUCLEAR strike on the Iranian nuclear installations was the only way to stop Iran from acquiring WMD and that USA would be shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel if this transpires. If true, it's a major escalation in posture, over and above the deep penetration mega-conventional bombs now being developed. Loose talk sinks ships! (and empires)eh George?


Hi Elaine

did your sister enjoy the same sort of spying games on your dad that you did??

My siblings and I went in very differing directions so would be interested in hearing your own experiences in this regard


Grammar Nanny

Please forgive a nitpick on your interesting post, but this hurts: 'between himself and I'

In general, 'between' like all prepositions governs 'object' form pronouns ('him', 'me'), not reflexive ('himself'*) and certainly never 'subject' ('I') forms. You would never write, e.g., 'He said it to I' or 'to John and I' ('me' should be used).

*The reflexive may occur, e.g., 'He said it to himself', 'He kept it between himself and his wife/her' when the verb's subject is co-referential.

Elaine Supkis

You are 100% correct, Nanny! When I write fast, I think the way people around me speak. This is a common way of talking and it slips in without notice.

Grammar has an interesting history. Must write about that some day. It is MADE UP, of course! Back before public schools, the ONLY grammar taught was [ahem] LATIN.

All European grammars are from the effort to impose Latin grammatical teachings on all the derivative languages that grew like lush bushes without any school teaching for NO schools taught the 'common' languages until around the French Revolution and the US revolution. In the US, schools were organized in order to teach immigrants English and thus, rules of the language were evolved deliberately.

Ever read some of the dispatches and diaries of 1800? Wow! The spelling was all over the place and the grammar, too.

Not only that, the first English dictionary was produced in the late 1700s. The hilarious Blackadder TV series has a side splitting episode about the Prince of Wales and Baldrick accidentally burning this and thus, destroying the only dictionary on earth.

Blackadder tries to redo the dictionary and gets stuck on 'aardvark' and spends an entire night trying to describe it. Baldrick helps by describing the letter 'C' as 'a watery blue things where mermaids live.'

About my family: my mom had seven children. Each of us exactly a year and half apart except for one. We were all brats and too smart for our collective good. I am amazed my parents didn't abandon all of us overseas.

More than one of us did go roaming about the planet often without permission and when caught, our parents who were off to very exotic places, could not be located due to things being top secret so we would be released and go off again. It was quite funny, actually. I haven't lived with them since I was barely 16 nor did I ever have an adult in authority over me, either.

It was rather a hoot.


"I am amazed my parents didn't abandon all of us overseas."

Don't you mean "at sea"?


Oh this is good this is so incredibly good ( not in a good way )
Did any of the MSM cover this?


Love the cartoon.

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