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Wow. just goes to show the contrast of diplomacy from strength vs. clumsy, stupid threats. A conservative Taiwanese friend acknowledges reunification is inevitable.

Elaine Supkis

I have always said, China's price for keeping the US above water in our economic distress will be an unhindered reunification with Taiwan.

I bet the Taiwanese figured this out and are aiming to do it on their own terms.


Wow! What a delicious irony it will be if the KMT leads Taiwan to reunification with mainland China.

The neocons will be apoplectic. Many of them hate & fear China more than Muslims.


Hi Elaine,

Don't forget Taiwan has a largest foreign reserves in Asia which would be working for China soon and has huge numbers of scientists researching in the critical US IT and military sectors....

The Japanese will have a severe fit as it too had trained large numbers of Taiwanese scientists in research....

At one stroke - China has access to more money and technology....


Thanks you for this..

Perhaps a wider recognition can be attributed with the term PANDASPEAK.. beats squeak and bluster..


Hi Wotzi,

Wait for the 2 Koreas to re-unite and US troops pullout from Asia!!!

Elaine Supkis

China as $1.5 TRILLION in FOREX reserves, by far and away the greatest on earth. Japan is #2 with nearly a trillion themselves. Hong kong has $150 billion. Taiwan is a distant third in Asia.


Hi Elaine,

Are u sure??

I read somewhere that Singapore has at least USD 200 billion in forex reserves (given to Temasek for investment purposes) and is behind Hong Kong and Taiwan (Taiwan is supposedly the leader) they started industrializing much earlier than Singapore by at least a decade!!

Don't forget that the British looted Hong Kong before they left in 1997 so the USD150 billion in Hong Kong's account isn't a true reflection of its earning capacity.

However, I don't think Taiwan has suffered the same indignity the Taiwanese figure is possibly a smokescreen!!

Mmm..then again, most Chinese are very secretive when it comes to finance matters!!!

Anyway, I think the most critical issue at hand is the Korean re-unification 'cos it would signal to Asia that America is definitely on its way out..and China is the upcoming empire...shades of the Berlin Wall and economic collapse of USSR.

We would see lots of triangulation activities all over Asia (including Australia) once this happens...

CEO Nutcracker

All this while our swaggering cowboy twists arms around the Middle East for friendlier ties with Israel, and support for more flunky wars in Iran and Pakistan. We are sending National Guards into the Sanai Penninsula for God knows what. Soon war-weary troops will deploy to Lebanon to install another US puppet. More sent to Georgia, Kenya and Somalia to protect other IMF/US warlords.

Meanwhile, China is snickering while watching the dying empire circling the drain.
China can't cut loans off to the US fast enough. Why they've kept the 'Goodship Lollipop' afloat this long, is beyond me. Hu will gladly show our belligerent blatherer's what real diplomacy is about.


Suppose I offer you a scenario:
You have 2 Trillion Dollars on hand.
You have the option of spending that 2 trillion to build armies and aircraft carriers and submarines and ICBMs and use them to devastate a large fecund and still quite sparsely populated country.
You can add to that 2 trillion another trillion just by selling that large fecund country much more cheap stuff and accepting their debt to pay for it for another 2 years.
at the end of the 2 years you do a bear run on the dollar and take a half trillion dollar loss on you assets but end up owning the whole damn fecund country without blowing it to smithereens.
This is the difference between diplomacy and intelligent economics and shock and awe and sacred sand economics.


Sounds like a lot of glee being expressed, and some of it seems to be made by people who apparently live in the large, stupid country thought to be reduced in power by Taiwan's acceptance of the inevitable. Bush won't be one who will be greatly affected by this - he can go anywhere. It is you and I who are stuck in this dying empire and it is we who will all go down with it, liberal, conservative, or Libertarian. We all go down together.
My view is; China is about to add a California -sized economy that it had been planning to acquire for years. The bluff is called and there will be no protection granted for the island by America or anyone else. Unification makes sense. If China can integrate it (and this is no small thing), China will immediately rival Japan in size and will assume the mantle of world's largest economy probably a decade or two later. Nothing on the outside can stop this from happening. We will adjust. We are already investing heavily in BRIC countries for this reason. America should still survive and Bush will go off to retirement with his Alfred E. Newman grin and the Democrats will come in to raise taxes and finish off the industrial machine. Kyoto is a good one, by the way. Bound the manufacturing of all the Western countries but let China pollute at will. Not good to be starting a career making anything in the West.

CEO Nutcracker

Yes CK, you are correct. and I am well aware that China is busy aquiring what is left of our financial and industrial assets. So is Saudi Arabia, Dubai,Spain and everyone else holding our counterfeit paper. Just want the funding of the bloodbaths in the ME to end like most people out there.

I totally agree with your scenarios and stated that Hu would give us a lesson in real democracy.

"Bush won't be one who will be greatly affected by this - he can go anywhere"

He can't go 'anywhere' without 30,000 MP's, secret service and weeks of clearing the area before his arrival. I think maybe Panama might be safe for Bush as that is where all the Bush family fortune is hidden, in banks and assets like hotels and other business assets. Bush I hid all the Iran/Contra profits and CIA drug money down there and that is where the chimp is hiding all of his dough from his ill begotten gains in Carlyle weapons sales and whatnot, from the illegal wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Oh, don't discount the POPPY money the CIA and Bush have made over the past 6 yrs in Afganistan. It's been very profitable.


“Rome is a city where everyone and everything is for sale.”
Attributed to Jugertha
From Sallust Jugerthine War


OC - as far as published figures for forex reserves go, Elaine's figures are probably more accurate, but who knows, Taiwan hasn't exactly been forthcoming about its stats in a long time. Hong Kong and Taiwan's forex reserves have been watched mainly as protection against speculators after the 1997 crisis, as for active investment, they may well have done it through various private funds, again, not exactly information in the public domain

Elaine- waiting for the conservatives to screech? Plenty of that seems to have already treverberated in webpages /forums around the world since those high profile investments. But there's no telling what the increasingly reckless and desperate DPP and Chen Shui Bian might do, after the "staged" shooting incident in the last presidential polls, it's hard to say!

Right Democrat

This election outcome is not good news for the U.S. or the people of Taiwan. I hope that Taiwan can continue as an independent nation although unification does look like a real possibility.

Taiwan is not only a free nation but also more of a true social democracy than China. Will the citizens of Taiwan want to give up their freedom of expression, social safety net and real trade unions for autocratic Chinese rule ?

Given the decline of U.S. economic and military power as well as lack of public international support,I can understand why many in Taiwan might conclude that there is no other alternative but to embrace China.

I think it is a decision that many in Taiwan will regret just as the average American will eventually recognize that their once great nation was destroyed by big business-controlled leaders.


Right Dem:
Oh yes the absorption of Formosa back into the PRC will be almost as bloody as the absorption of Hong Kong and Macau has been.
Look how the HongKong and macau residents have lost all their freedoms and their social structures and their unions. And they had been errant for over 100 years, Formosa has been errant for 60.
Froglegs: If you cannot differentiate glee from sorrow, stay away from funerals.
CEO: The latest and greatest acquisition of the Bush family is that very large ranch in Paraguay. Check out the Guarani aquifer.
Today is oil tomorrow is water.


"Taiwan And China Will Join In This Decade!"

Which decade? 2001-2010? Not likely. 2008-2018? Probable.

"My father was the FIRST human to fly directly between Taiwan and mainland China ..."

After the test guinea pigs were launched?


I can understand why the Americans are so pessimistic about their nation. Today, China probably has the best leadership since the era of Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping. Meanwhile, the US has the worst leadership since Nixon. But I doubt that China or anyone for that matter will want to see a destabilize ex-superpower. So be rational and enjoy your life.


Well, can't blame the people who vote for KMT. It was not enough that CSB used fake assassination attempt to win the previous election, now CSB even went so far as to disturb Chiang Kai Shek, the founder of ROC in Taiwan, in his peaceful rest in his grave all for the sake of the upcoming election. Will you vote for a party that has dirty politician as its top leader?

Elaine Supkis

The logic of a Greater China is overwhelming. Just like in any growth period of an empire, the benefits of joining overwhelms the deficits of not joining. Taiwan is pro-USA due 100% to the fact that we are subservient to their aims and allow one-way trade.

This is collapsing so Taiwan's next move is towards China. Certainly, not towards Japan.


Buried in the fine print today, another nation has recognized PRC as the Only China.
Malawi and PRC recognize each other and exchange ambassadors etc etc. In the fine print Malawi says there is only one China and Formosa isn't it.
Quemoy Matsu WHO LOST CHINA???? Among the earliest of my political memories is reading an editorial in the local paper titled Who Lost China? ( Not being a sophisticate at the time I didn't realize it was a syndicated editorial ). Anyhow my dad told me not to bother looking for it in the back yard.


In less than one month, Japanese PM and Indian President have visited China and greatly improved their relationships. Malawi has switched allegiance to China from Taiwan, with the Marshall islands are following. Then DPP lost the election badly. Hu and his cabinets are indeed amazing diplomats.


Apparently Dubya didn't read the Art of War given by Hu to him.


I don't see reunification of Taiwan and the PRC as bad for the US at all. Taiwan has always been an annoying "obligation", one we took on Way Back When we were busily thwarting communism 'round the world. Now, however, we are in the position of having to stick up for Taiwan every time it makes independence noises, which has been often lately. They're not an "asset", they're a liability, and if the new government tones down the "independence" rhetoric, that will be a relief.

And, at some point in the near future, we need to tell the Taiwanese that reunification is something they need to work out with the mother country on their own.


The only thing in common between PRC and Chen Sui Bian is that both agree that the status quo can't be maintain any longer. The US has an illusion that every thing will be static.

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