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I recently wrote the following elsewhere. Elaine and I see things somewhat differently. (I don't know how that could have occurred.):

It's interesting. The master zionists are about as Jewish as Bush is Christian. They all meet at Bohemian Grove to worship the Owl. and some Christians are zionists, and some Christians (like most of our Congresspeople) are master zionists. I am as opposed to the (master) Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) as I would be to a Scientologist Occupied Government (SOG).

I do not think the master zionists give a damn about Israel, and would not go there any sooner than they would go to Iraq. They could care less about the U.S.A., also. The whole zionism farce is about ruling the world via economic royalism. "Antisemitism" is a ridiculous term, since most Jews are not semitic, and most Arabs are. It's all a smokescreen that has nothing to do with Jews, or skinheads, or any of that. The multimillionaire class does have a conspiracy to rule the world. And it is hidden behind "zionism." This is not even a "theory," just a fact. All the media and the educational apparatus is controlled by the multimillionaire class. The master administrations of all our schools do not even permit "independent scholars" to give credence to "conspiracy theories."

9/11 Conspiracy Theorist to Leave Brigham Young

Associated Press
Sunday, October 22, 2006; Page A10

BYU stripped Jones of two classes and put him on leave in early September. It also began investigating his research.

The school abandoned its review Friday after reaching a retirement agreement with Jones, BYU spokeswoman Carri P. Jenkins said.


Regardless of what you think about 9/11, This stands out:

"[BYU] ...also began investigating his [Jones'] research."


"The school abandoned its review Friday after reaching a retirement agreement with Jones...."


Let's all petition BYU to continue "investigating his research"!!!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Blues. The fog around the concept of Zionism is just like the fog that envelops all religious matters. If anyone does try to untangle these ugly little things, they get killed or censored.

I am not an atheist, for example. I am a child who fell into and climbed out of the Outer Darkness.


Elaine, is the outer darkness you are talking about like this discussion below?

"The Illuminati take a small child about two years old, and they begin traumatizing it with the worst traumas that are imaginable so that they can create these amnesia walls. They find these dissociated pieces of the mind that are just like ...floppy disks, often they put in their programming to the dissociated parts of the mind as to what they want that part to become... [Elsewhere he says mind control was behind Josef Mengele's experiments; that Mengele was Illuminati and continued his work in the US after the war.]

The Illuminati can take a particular child and manipulate things from behind the scenes and open all the right doors for this person, and they can get them the grants and the schooling and everything they need and adding impetus to this person's career is the mind control that is steering them in that direction too. The end product is you end up with somebody who is an engineer or a lawyer or a politician who is very highly qualified for what they are doing.

A very conservative estimate - I shouldn't even say estimate because I have computed it from about seven different angles - a conservative figure is 2 million Americans have been programmed with trauma based total mind control."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You are describing normal child rearing. Heh.

The Outer Darkness: Tolkien wrote about this before I was born. He 'saw' this in the trenches in WWI where he lost all his friends. He actually survived that hideous thing...the hard way!

I was hit by a huge lightning bolt when only 5 years old. This flung me directly into the Outer Darkness which is another way of saying, 'the Gates of Death.' I came back from the Other Side intact but emotionally messed up, obviously. It was no fun. Trust me on this.

This is why I said, as a child, 'Feeling pain means you are alive.'


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