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Ignorant Old Lady

The Queen and King of ClintonWorld won't be slinking away, unfortunately, as they've already proved this afternoon.

Thank you for your articles. Condolences to you and your family upon Sparky's departure from earth. He's smart, so I imagine he has learned quickly to manipulate his new wings. He'll meet many a loved creature up there...flying, riding comets...enjoying themselves while they wait for us to join them.


OK, I absolutely agree that the single most hidden information in the Cone of Silence is the control of money.

Everything else (elections, etc) is just a puppet show to keep the masses entertained.

But here is the challenge to you; most all the nations in the world (except Iran and a few others) have a secretive central bank controlled by someone; who are they?

You obviously have a complex, sophisticated view of the world. Do you have a placeholder in your mind for who they are or is it above your paygrade (HAHAHA!), too hard, not important, etc, etc?

Committee of 300?
Royal Crown?

Anyone who mentions UFOs, Reptiles etc will be banished as an obvious disinformationalist.

This committee of 300 is modeled after the British East India Company's Council of 300, founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Most of its immense wealth arose out of the opium trade with China. This group is responsible for the phony drug wars here in the U.S. These phony drug wars were to get us to give away our constitutional rights. Asset forfeiture is a prime example, where huge assets can be seized without trail and no proof of guilt needed. Also the Committee of 300 long ago decreed that there shall be a smaller-much smaller-and better world, that is, their idea of what constitutes a better world.

The myriads of useless eaters consuming scarce natural resources were to be culled. Industrial progress supports population growth. Therefore the command to multiply and subdue the earth found in Genesis had to be subverted. This called for an attack upon Christianity; the slow but sure disintegration of industrial nation states; the destruction of hundreds of millions of people, referred to by the Committee of 300 as "surplus population, " and the removal of any leader who dared to stand in the way of the Committee's global planning to reach the foregoing objectives. Not that the U.S. government didn't know, but as it was part of the conspiracy, it helped to keep the lid on information rather than let the truth be known. Queen, Elizabeth II, is the head of the Committee of 300.

The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its "welfare" recipients of the future. The committee appears to base much of its important decisions affecting mankind on the philosophy of Polish aristocrat, Felix Dzerzinski, who regarded mankind as being slightly above the level of cattle. As a close friend of British intelligence agent Sydney Reilly (Reilly was actually Dzerzinski's controller during the Bolshevik Revolution's formative years), he often confided in Reilly during his drinking bouts. Dzerzinski was, of course, the beast who ran the Red Terror apparatus. He once told Reilly, while the two were on a drinking binge, that "Man is of no importance. Look at what happens when you starve him. He begins to eat his dead companions to stay alive. Man is only interested in his own survival. That is all that counts. All the Spinoza stuff is a lot of rubbish." (Dr. John Coleman)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, Queen Elizabeth and I are related and my mom looks and worse, talks like her.

We were at the Battle of Hastings as well as the Crusades and even more amusingly, invading France periodically.

My French ancestors were first for the King and then, during the Protestant/Catholic wars, banished. Became pirates and then colonized the New World.

The 300 is actually much more 30,000. The guys who actually go about IN PUBLIC and are in the news are the tip of the old iceberg. The interlocking marriage/sex/affairs of this squishy mass of upper class smoochers is extensive and funny. Newcomers are allowed in only so we can get their money.

Frankly, when I was young, my parents wouldn't take me to Saudi Arabia but I was allowed to jet set in Europe. You could spot us; we didn't look nice but we always got our way. We were often hippies in the sixties but NEVER arrested by the police. I was arrested twice and each time, the police abashedly let me go. They didn't want to mess with me.

The key here is, 'who do you know and do they want to kill you?' Pop idols and movie stars get to run with the herd but they only get entre when they MARRY the 'right person'. Otherwise, they are an entertaining surround system.

And within the extended 'ancient regime' families is a lot of hatred...FOR EACH OTHER. Like in any big family, the interfamiliar battles are far, far worse than outside battles. People on the outside are fought only if they interfere with the jollies of the rulers.

But inside: whoooboy! Snarling, snapping battles and betrayals! If you want to know how nasty, read the history of the Byzantine Empire. It is exactly like that except we can't poke out each other's eyes anymore.


I keep telling you, lovely lady: FUCK arresting them. Execute them.

Also, there seems to be a battle brewing between those who would "be fuitful and multiply" until humans overun the Earth like locusts, and those who would wipe out billions in their quest to create a permanent global slave class to serve their wirthless self-styled-elitist asses.

Execute the latter too. With extreme prejudice. As to the former, a simple revamping of the educational system, so that it actually educates, as opposed to indoctrinating, will fix their little red wagons for good.

Bruce Thorneloe

What a lovely chinese girl singing. Thank you for that.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, that is why I picked her video. The Chinese are increasingly cosmopolitan. I remember the dark days when Madame Mao ran things into the ground even further than her husband.


"they were all at dining situations where everyone eats caviar and cannibalize babies, crunching away, drinking fine wines."

You say that like there's something wrong with good wine. What do you drink - Boone's Farm?

"They expressed concern that Paul’s rallies have attracted multitudes of young people who are getting “their political education.” "

For whatever that's worth. Back in the day, a major social goal was to lower the voting age to 18 (so guys could vote on whether or not they got drafted.) By and by, the War ended... and the so-called Youth Vote hasn't amounted to diddly ever since.

Paul's supporters are loud, but few compared to what he'd need to have an effect in November.

Chris Q.

Hi Elaine
WTC 7 and the Pentagon attack? Come on woman *snap snap*. I believe you have TON of common sense along with the financial wiz stuff. Why don't you apply it to those two events alone and tell us what you think.

Do you have any ancestors that weren't barbarous like the rest? I'd like to hear about them more often too.

Thanks for all your work here. It's helped me a lot in the last couple months. I read almost every day. I love the animal friends too.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Chris, the difference between COMPLICITY and 'Doing the attacks' is important. I know that there are many people who dearly would love to believe the system works directly. But it does not. Just as they NEVER send assassins to kill in the US, they ENCOURAGE AND ENABLE assassins!

We DO assassinate overseas just as we directly blow up buildings overseas. Can you understand the difference? It is like the Mafia bosses: they themselves, don't kill a fly. They do make hits but at one or two removes. See? It is very simple, I hope.


«Of course, they throw into the mix all sorts of goofy faux conspiracies like the lunatic idea that Bush and his inept minions planted mini nuclear bombs in the WTC and then took the immense trouble to hire some Arabs and Egyptians to hijack a bunch of jets and fly them into the WTC and Pentagon, etc. So off people run, on incredible and bizarre rabbit chases into the maze where they look foolish and can be laughed at.» — Elaine

Well you know that it was I who brought up the conjecture about micro-nukes blowing up the towers. One of the towers tilted over 2/3rds of the way up and would have crashed into the street, except it simply exploded in mid-air. Numerous experts say there should have been large chunks of steel and concrete in the rubble, but instead, the buildings turned into fine dust and molten metal. It would be simple for anyone with sufficient technical information to electronically take control of the airliners via radio on the ground. Etc.

I never said that the Bush administration even knew of the pending attacks, and there is a very good chance that they didn't. Some people suggest that foreign powers did it all. Others suggest that a hidden coup occurred. I have no idea about those issues. I merely said that from a purely technical perspective, something like micro-nukes had to be involved. Too bad all the crime scene evidence was hauled away almost instantly. It does appear that over 50% think it could not have been done by 19 guys with box cutters.

If something like that happens again, it will be most helpful if it is widely regarded as not the work of whoever Bush wants to invade. My analysis, however, is purely technical. People have doubted my technical analyses in the past. It nearly always turned out that I was right.


«Anyone who mentions UFOs, Reptiles etc will be banished as an obvious disinformationalist.» — GK

Look GK, I only disclosed the fact that the earth is ruled by alien Reptilians who live in vast underground tunnels because I feel compelled to be honest. I also have this theory that there exist some people who just cannot take a little joke.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I don't know. I think alien reptiles would be a lot nicer :) My own reptilian pets liked me and were perfectly nice. They mostly slept in the warm sun or hunted bugs in my bedroom.

Now camels can be very irritable. Even more so, polar bears. Maybe sharks. Or black widows.

About the WTC: its disintegration was due to it having lots and lots and lots of cement. No building on earth comes even close to it when it comes to amount of cement. Not one of the latest giants in Arabia or Asia.


Hey, Elaine,

Time to stop worrying about the helpless "CIA." Start worrying about the damn Reptilians. They are the ones who will get you.

Chris Q.

Who is "they" Elaine? Who are "we"? Who is the "Mafia"? We're going to compare 9/11 and a mob hit? Talk about being simplistic. No, it is not very simple! World Trade Center 7, a 47 story steel building, collapsed on it's own at about 5 p.m. the same day. After a few fires?! Have you looked at pictures of the Pentagon after the strike? Do you or anyone else want to tell me that a 757 hit the side of that wall? Prove it! Where are the engines holes?! Forget the two towers for a while folks. It is still too much of a shocker. Focus on the WTC 7, the Pentagon, and look at it people! Stop asking who the culprits were and look at the PHYSICS. If you can't deal with it, the problem may be you can't see how big the lie is. Somewhere, somehow you are probably too comfortable with the lie itself.
Remember tougher you are, the harder you fall. That goes double for those who posture Elaine.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is so sad, Chris. Physics: one thing the Truthers refuse to understand is exactly that: physics. All the garbage I have read about the WTC that pretends there were bombs, etc, always leaves out several key things.

One is, all bombs are very, very loud and BRIGHT. And they all operate by making buildings collapse from the bottom, not the top.

Second: cement. The cement levels of the WTC, the greatest on earth for any buildings ever, is ignored for a reason. This screws up the bomb theories.

Third: volcanos dumping dust and pumice on roofs can collapse even huge buildings. So it is with cement dust and rocks. This is why meteorite strikes are deadly, too: they dump tons of dirt and debris on top of things and no roof near one of these events will stand, either.


Chris Q.

Mob hits, volcano ash, and meteorite impacts? Talk about DOOM. WORLD TRADE CENTER...BUILDING NUMBER SEVEN. Google it. You don't know what you are talking about. Even your retorts are lacking here which shows you never really wondered. There were buildings closer that did not collapse because of...cement dust? The twin towers dropped so perfectly in their footings that the windows in this building were still intact! Building 7 was an entirely different structure. Check out all the "G" entity offices it held. Your reluctance to even look at that building seperately from the towers is troubling. The buildings were imploded not blown up...there is a HUGE(there's that word again) difference. DEMO, nothing more or less. Google William Rodriguez. Warning to Elaine, he is of Puerto Rican descent. The folly of man my ass.
Truther, me? Ho now with the labels. I've just got serious questions like a lot of others and we're tired of listening to establishment characters like yourself gloss it over. Like it or not you are, doubly. It seeps through that independent-east-coast-same-as-it-ever-was-thing you do. The revolution and heads a rolling B.S. you fling around is again just that, bottom of the wine glass nonsense. Get out of the way of something much more specific and targeted or get hurt in someway. I'm sure someone like you has a ticket out somehow. I'm also pretty sure most of my ancestry got out the way, if you know what I mean.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Religions are the same. The need to cling to a belief system no matter how strange is a deep part of the human brain. If all the truthers who are upset about 'bombs in the WTC' business were really operating on the normal political plane, they would not be sitting around the web playing 'Elvis is alive' type of games.

It irritates me greatly to be harassed when talking about say, bin Laden who is a very real person and who is very connected to the Bush clan. This fact alone condemns the Bushes for being possible traitors. There is no need to prove junk about 'bombs' to say, 'Bush is a traitor.'

BUT the bombs garbage lets Bush OFF THE DAMN HOOK. See? It is not so hard to understand. There is zero proof and no rational explanation for the bomb business while there is urgent need to understand why Atta and his crew plotted 9/11 in Florida, a stone's throw from a Bush family compound AND taking flying lessons at a base surrounded by retired CIA agents.

Please pester me about that! I love to talk about those things.

But for some goofy reason, ask DARPA about brain washing, the 9/11 movement has been totally sidetracked by this bizarre need to talk ONLY about the 'bombs in the buildings' stuff! Gads! Wake up and smell the coffee!

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