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Well spoken and with obvious passion. Journalism CAN BE a dangerous profession. Apparently a major topic at a recent world powerbrokers meeting was Ron Pauls macroeconomic awakening of students via his campus speeches..... wise to not underestimate the gravity these same folks might put into your efforts as well. A web micro-niche (relatively speaking), for now, but these folks apparently don't take such grassroots illuminations of their darker recesses lightly. Here's to brave journalists about the globe who show little fear broadcasting what they perceive to be the "truth".


Ah, the wolverines in charge of the chicken coop; aka genocide prevention task force. the criminals mask their thirst and desire to destroy by creating facade committees & task forces in 'overseeing' and 'prevention' of such crimes. Video of Albright discussing her "dedication" and how 'our' governments can respond.....


November 13, 2007
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Secretary of Defense William Cohen today announced that they will co-chair a Genocide Prevention Task Force jointly convened by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the American Academy of Diplomacy, and the United States Institute of Peace.


In 1812, Jefferson condemned both the French and British governments for trying to “draw to themselves the power, the wealth and the resources of other nations.” Three years later, he called Napoleon “the wretch…who has been the author of more misery and suffering to the world, than any being who ever lived before him. After destroying the liberties of his country, he has exhausted all its resources, physical and moral, to indulge his own maniac ambition, his own tyrannical and overbearing spirit.” He did not, however, have a favorable view of the British government and other opponents of Napoleon. Jefferson condemned the imperialism of all the leading countries of Europe: “The will of the allies? There is no more moderation, forbearance, or even honesty in theirs, than in that of Bonaparte. They have proved that their object, like his, is plunder.”

Nearly 200 years later and the status quo is unchanged.


Hi Elaine,

Do you have any opinion on the 5 Israelis that were captured by the NJ police (detained for several weeks before being deported to Israel) filming the twin towers collapsing and then later saying on Israeli TV that they were there to 'Document the Event'?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Mossad knew Atta and was so close to him on the jet, he killed this Mossad agent first. Who was sitting right next to him.

El Johnny

Has there been a change to your historical interpretation Elaine, that the violent and tragic nature of Jewish/European interactions (wars) of eras past were not always created and propeled by the aristocratic ruling elites of the west with the patent intent to steal the Jewish wealth? and that, all western history was essentially an endless yin and yang of greed for power and wealth with the pitiful Jews being used, abused, and sacrificed with the ultimate goal of stealing their gold?, and that today's conflict, our conflict, is being directed like a Hollywood drama by non-Jews and not the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

That the Jews and their casts of thousands are cleverly concealing themselves as the real perpetrators of many of histories conflicts is the real irony for many who are beginning to interpret history as you and I do.

I, as you and many others are, we are soooo tired of these tragic historical cycles that keep grinding up the carne of humanity by repeating themselves on our world stage.

This eternal grab for power was supposed to be prevented by the creation of our democracy but it too can end violently and swiftly when there is a strategic infiltration of traitors whose machinations combine the corruptive power of religion, finance and foreign policy to enslave the world which will end in war unless your/our vision to prevent it is sucessful. You, we are not powerless.

Blog on my dear! We are with you!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Being a very small minority, whenever really big looting expeditions are launched, they always attack the Jews first. Always! Then the looters may move onto others.

Such as the crusades: most of the 'armies' marching on to Jerusalem didn't make it much past the nearest Jewish ghettos.

The money the Spanish crown got by looting the Morisco Jews was used to sail to the New World where great masses of stone-age natives were murdered, died of disease or enslaved for their gold and silver....

On and on it goes. This is why we have to have morals that includes total prohibitions on looting ethnic or religious groups.

chris q.

This Atta guy sounds like one real wicked mean badass mofo. Slashing a mossad agent's throat, flying a jet airliner having had barely enough training to fly a Piper Cub, resisting g-forces for a one shot pinpoint strike. His passport was apparently even tougher than he was! Google Atta's passport for a snicker. Or just say baaaaa baaaaa baaaaa.


I was very relieved to here you FINALLY mention Lyndon LaRouche recently.

Now my next question is whether you will mention the name Eustace Mullins or block him out like you have been blocked out of the MSM?

Here is the first 1 or 11 sections of an amazing video.

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