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I like the cartoon! Geology is very sexy: all that thrusting... and grinding... and slipping... and sliding...

There's an interesting article about supervolcanoes in the June issue of Sci Am. I'll send a link when it becomes available - the website trails the print edition by a few weeks.

Marty Salo

The USGS sites with earthquake RSS feeds make it easy to be aware of the activity of earth's shaking.

I saw a HDTV show called Supervolcano! a few months ago, where they speculated about the Yellowstone Caldera erupting. It was pretty neat. They talked of Toba being the last supervolcano that has erupted.

I'm aware that some volcanic activity can alter global temperatures. Volcanoes also can produce far more of the greenhouse gasses than we can.

I hope that Earth altering (global temperature) volcanic activity is not imminent. We need to be aware though.

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