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big Al

Fot those up in the tree, tie a propane torch to a long bamboo pole, ignite and burn out the nests.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, forest fires are really bad. Though, in this case, it might not matter anymore. Sigh.

You see, if you kill a few nests it means nothing. They are in a ZILLION trees here! This is one of the worst infestations, ever, out here.


That's a really neat idea, but wouldn't it be harmful to native caterpillars and other bugs that get trapped at the top? I'm no expert when it comes to bugs so I wouldn't know if the native caterpillars even climb up those trees as well. If I ever do this I will get a field guide on insects just to be safe!

Beats by Dre

Put (or Lay or Set) one's shoulder to the wheel.

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