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Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh. I knew the Space 'Kid'ettes would link to my dear blog!

Listen, little boys, you want to go to Mars? If you pick up enough cans on roadsides, you could build your own rockets and go there.

Asking us earthlings to ignore this planet so you can return home is not on my own agenda and I have noticed little desire on the street to go to Mars.

Auf nicht wiedersehen!


About - oh - 35 years ago I was engaging in one of many arguments with my then arch-foe, my sister's first husband, a very intelligent technocrat. His response to my questions about environmental degradation? "Technology will solve the problem."

He was completely sincere, too.

Since that time, he has been buffeted about career-wise on account of technology. Let's see. He worked for Wang, another defunct super tech company long forgetten, data processing departments of major companies, ... He was on the leading edge of the tech revolution - now you see it, now you don't. Poof! Lost in space.

We did agree on the value of space exploration, however. He didn't want to pay for it, of course, being a die-hard R.

Broken robots. All of them.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I really want a space colonization program for them. Like in Heinlein's 'A Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.' Get evolution to work on these bean heads.


Nice, thoughtful reply, Elaine. MarsBlog eviscerates your Chicken Little post with facts and links, and the best you have to offer in response is your threadbare ad-hominem about your space critics being teen boys living in mom's basement?

Besides demonstrating your intellectual laziness, it looks pretty silly for you to make that particular swipe. You have a habit of basking in the reflected glow of your father's achievements as if they somehow imparted value on you, living as it were in the basement of your father's reputation. Hypocrite, much?

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Your question on weightlessness is a good one. Spacecraft stay in orbit because of the counterbalance of centripetal force moving it away from the planet it revolves around and the pull of gravity down toward the planet. This works for Earth, the Moon and all others. However the people within the spacecraft do not feel these pulls. They feel like there is no pull at all. Since all of the forces are balanced, they feel just like they would if they were falling all of the time. In fact, they feel just as you could if you in an elevator cage was dropped from a great height. The people inside would have a fun time playing around inside, at least until the sudden stop when it hit the ground. The Shuttle or other satellites are essentially falling around the Earth.

If you wish to look more deeply into this problem, check out this web site: http://octopus.gma.org/surfing/sats.html#stay They have a lot of good and simple demonstrations.

su-chat visavacheevinanan

Your question is a very good one and one that is of interest to many people. We will use the Space Shuttle orbiter to explain your answer.

Why do astronauts float in space? The answer is simple. The Space Shuttle orbiter falls in a circular path about Earth. Because the orbiter, astronauts, and all the contents of the orbiter (foods, tools, cameras, etc.) are falling together, they seem to float in relation to each other. This is comparable to the imaginary situation that would take place if the cables supporting a very high elevator would break, causing the car and its passengers to fall to the ground. (In such an example, we have to discount the effects of air friction on the falling car.) Since the motion of the falling car and the passengers are relative to each other, the people inside seem to float.

Free-fall, weightlessness, zero-G (zero-gravity), or microgravity are all names that apply to the floating effect of astronauts in orbit. Space researchers prefer to use the term microgravity because it better represents the actual conditions of Earth orbit. Thus, even though free-fall simulates the absence of gravity, very small (micro) gravitational forces are still detectable.

The second half of your question deals with astronauts on the moon.

One of the common questions asked to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is "Where is the room where a button is pushed and gravity goes away so that astronauts float?' No such room exists because gravity can never be made to go away. If we were to establish a lunar base camp, it would enable us to take advantage of the many special properties of the moon; i.e., the 1/6th gravitational field and the native resources, and use it has as a testing ground for future missions to Mars. So, although the gravitational forces on the moon are not as great as those on Earth, there is a force that keeps humans from floating away from the surface. However, since the gravitational pull is far less than on Earth, astronauts do things like jump higher and hit golf balls farther.

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