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"Ohio and the whole Mississippi Valley is very unprepared for not only earthquakes but tornado damage, too."

Ohio gets tornadoes ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!! The thing about tornadoes is, they tend to devastate a relatively small area copared to other natural disasters one might have.


The point being, since the odds of a tornado hitting any one particular area are quite small, it doesn't make a lot of sense to overbuild (just in case it MIGHT). Likewise - we haven't had a major earthquake in this part of the country for ~150 years... so why would we want to be as earthquake resistant as Cali? Just in case?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Did your mother ever read you 'the three little pigs'?

When one know for certain there WILL be a high probability one might die because one lives in a cheap house, it would make sense to invest in a better house, no?

Trailers are death traps for the poor. Most houses are occupied or left standing for more than 100 years except in places with high land costs which 90% of the midwest is not.


I try to be mindful of the damage that even small quakes can do. Here in East Tenn, for instance, we had a comparatively tiny quake about a year ago--in fact, I wasn't even sure it was an earthquake. I heard what I thought was a sonic boom, then the house jerked a little. As a result of that small quake, I have 4 broken tiles in a bathroom floor and several small cracks in the sheetrock of 2 rooms--and my house is new and well built. I'm out about $1000 in repairs because of a quake that was orders of magnitude smaller than a big one.

People should also realize that most homeowners insurance policies don't cover earthquakes--you have to buy a separate policy. Can you imagine the economic consequences of a major quake? Geez.

I used to live on the New Madrid fault near a bayou/lake (Reelfoot) that was probably created by the massive earthquake in the early 19th Century. I'm no seismologist or geologist, but I believe the New Madrid fault is due for another whopper quake within my lifetime. I feel enough little ones when I was there to believe that the forces at play are enormous and restless.


"When one know for certain there WILL be a high probability one might die because one lives in a cheap house, it would make sense to invest in a better house, no?"

Um... no. It makes sense to balance the high probability one might die because one lives in a cheap house against the much lower probability that a tornado will strike right here. That's the essence of risk management and cost-benefit analysis.

An analogy is to say I should include Kevlar body armor as part of my everyday attire. Sure, there's a high probability of my being injured or killed IF someone shoots me, but there's a much lower probability of someone actually shooting me (since I'm not a police officer and tend to stay away from the parts of town where people get shot at.) Hence, I don't wear body armor.

However, there's no way I would live in a trailer. You don't need a tornado to wreck a trailer - just a moderately high wind, for which the chances are much better.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A dear girlfriend of mine thought she would never see a tornado, living in NY (thanks to global warming, we now get tornadoes every damn year lately!)---so she let a boyfriend talk her into living in his trailer.

It was hit by a tornado!

She will never live in one again.


"She will never live in one again."

Is she alive to live anywhere (I hope)?

One thing about tornadoes: they are absolute proof that God hates trailer parks.


We tend to not take seriously any "doomsday" type scenarios that are proposed because they seem too farfetched to be credible. But the lesson we should have learned from Hurricane Katrina is that these events can--and--do occur, often with devastating consequences to the unprepared.


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