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Dr. Richter

I blame the Jews.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I feel sorry for you, buddy.

Dr. R.

Sumatra-Andaman. Obviously a Jewish name!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Only if you are speaking the wrong language.

Rodney Reid

Don't have the reference right now, but there was an 8.1 earthquake two days prior to the Sumatran quake. The 8.1, centered between Austrailia and Antartica, was the world's largest earthquake in four years.

History really does forget the runners up!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, I very much remember it for I wrote about it elsewhere! I was watching for a really BIG one the very day it happened. I knew it was going to happen.

Dr. Dr.

Sumatra-Andaman. Levi Sumatra-Andaman. They changed his name to Leonard Andrews at Ellis Island.

When did you change your name from Hitler?


"The images taken from space show the earth was damaged quite significantly that day."

Why "damaged"? I wouldn't say "damaged", just "changed". Tectonic events aren't good or bad; they just ARE.

Rodney Reid

Hi JSmith,

You're right, it was changed... Everything that is happening right now is really jusr a change.

Viewed from the point of earth as static though, it warped a bit that day compared to previous years (maybe decades? this 21st century tech to ferret these changes out is new to us)

(Course it's not static!)


this was very unhelpfull with locating the areas effected by the boxing day tsunami, 26 12 2004.


hay nako philiphines i also know that the direct effects of volacanism are:1destruction of property 2eartquakes 3lahars4TSUNAMIS

Volcano earth news

Feel sorry you....

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