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D.F. FActi

I talked with the person who is head of the ag committee for the Sierra Club nationally. He said he lives in a conservative part of the country, and when his chapter offered a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, they thought that maybe 75 people would show up. They got 500.

My park fight just got tougher. I am bummed - and mightily pissed off. I name names on my little website. Our government presides over the United Soviet States of America.


"Everyone thought the ozone depletion problem ended with the Montreal Protocols."

Not everyone - it was pretty clear at the time that CFCs would take a while to dissipate.

Here's an interesting article:


Payoff paragraph (last one):

""The Antarctic ozone hole will reach sizes on the order of 8-10 million square miles nearly every year until about 2018 or so," said Newman. "Around 2018, things should slowly start improving, and somewhere between 2020 and 2025, we'll be able to detect that the ozone hole is actually beginning to decrease in size. Eventually the ozone hole will go back to its normal level around 2070 or so."

That pretty much squares with predictions made when CFCs were banned - that those molecules are very stable and would stay around for quite some time.

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