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D. F. Facti

"Hell on earth isn't a smart choice."

I see so many sour-looking people. Maybe it's just me. Pigs. I smile at them anyway.

I do, however, meet liberal nature-respecters in places one might not expect them to be. Now to confiscate all the Hummers and restrict the use of natural resources for making junk ...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the unhappy faces of the well-fed. Just tell Arthur to bark at them.

I read about the great blue herons shot in your neighborhood. Good grief. Amazing, isn't it, how dastardly some humans are?

D. F. Facti

So disgusting. I think I'd shoot the people if I saw them in the act. Stupidity. Like you speak of here, though, much as I value individual rights, someone has to be the master steward, it seems.

What ever makes some people feel so damned entitled?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, aren't they pathetic? We have a heron family that lives in our valley every summer. I love seeing it fishing in the stream and flying up and down the valley, they fly below our windows so we get a good look at them.

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