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Rodney Reid

Hi Elaine,

Great article, and very pertinent for me.

We're about a mile from that epicenter, on a nice big rock, just a little bit down the hill.

First time we were talking in the living room, and felt like the truck hit our place; in about a second we were in the door jam.

Second time was also in the living room entertaining some friends. Freaked everyone out (they're a couple miles from us and felt the other one too). It was so quick no one moved.

The one this morning we slept through.

The cats have been useless as early warning systems.

We have loads of extra food and water - however, being in an urban area, if anything bad should happen, our best bet is to get out to the valley to my wife's grandfather's place - a small town, population 500, ~40 miles outside Modesto. The highly populated areas in the East Bay aren't going to be fun if there's ever an interruption of essential services.

I am hoping this gave the fault some breathing room and it will settle down now, but you never know... Isn't it pretty well known now that there's usually a cluster of small quakes (like the 3.5+ ones we've just had) before a large one.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

WOW! Thanks for the information! I used to live right of Telegraph Avenue which should be renamed 'Hayward Rift Blvd'.

Previous to this, the earthquakes like the one you described happened in isolation. Once every other year, if that. Three in a row plus two smaller ones in one week isn't a good sign.

Modesto: the problem is getting there since the main highways in California, because it was 'easy', run on fault lines! This is crazy, of course, but California is la-la land.

Buy 5mile radius two-way radios. They are very useful, I have them, of course. Cell phones can fail if the buildings they are on or the towers fail. Also, too many calls jams up the services.

And water: always, one needs potable water and in fairly large quantities.

About animals and earthquakes: ant colonies that have tunnels are what one should watch, My California granddad told me, 'If you suddenly see lots of ants marching away from their homes, we will have either an earthquake or thunderstorm.'

In 'Barefoot Gen', the Japanese anime about the bombing of Hiroshima, the doomed little boy tells his daddy, 'Look, papa! All the ants are running away! Why?' and a minute later, the bomb hits.

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