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Wow! I did not know there were idiots out there actually causing avalanches. We cannot pay for everything. They deserve to die if they think they can do that and then have a fleet of helicopters and dogsleds come look for them.

We have no money for rendering aid to people who really need it, like disabled veterans, but we have money to launch search and rescue efforts for rich people?

I am flabbergasted from watching this movie, and I have not even considered the environmental impact of this kind of behavior. How many hibernating animals died in these "avalances for fun"?


They just don't give a damn. None of us do. We just pretend all the time.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thrill seeking: people who refuse to sign up to fight in wars we start are quite happy to die in autos or skiing or skydiving or whatever.


"In order to make money, ski resorts in Colorado are staying open despite tremendous amounts of snow falling."

I'm reliably informed that the very best time to ski is when there's snow on the ground (as opposed to, say, August.) As one who only wants to experience ice if it's in his drink, I have no firsthand knowledge.

"I grew up in mountains, some of them very tall, where the oxygen supply was so poor, it is amazing I still have a brain, heh."

That explains a great deal. :)

"Back country skiers are a menace."

Perhaps skiing should be banned entirely. I see no reason for it.

"How many hibernating animals died in these "avalances for fun"?"

I would think: none. High mountainsides are pretty much the last choice if you're a hibernating animal.

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