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Your boiling water experiment is indeed excellent for illustrating plate tectonics, as it is the same illustration my Intro Geology prof used, back in the day.

It works even better if you thicken the water with cornstarch so it's more like gravy [or magma], and turn the heat down to a simmer instead of a rolling boil. Then your continents will float and rotate around all over the place!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct! I thought of that and might do it in the future.

Better than that is to design something that has full rotational circulation below. Ie, a hot globe with gooey, sticky stuff on the surface.


There used to be a Great Danbury Fair in Connecticut. They tore it down and put in a mall, unfortunately. One thing about it was that there was an endless profusion of just naive entrepreneuring that overwhelmed the senses. The internet is like that, somewhat. It's really rare to find something truly unique. But, with stuff like this, you've done it, Elaine. This little project was wonderful.

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