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An interresting article, Elaine. Obviously... We're DOOOOOOOMED!!!


Here are a couple of links about the New Madrid Fault and the Mississippi Embayment:



(Did you get the email I sent you the other day?)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, sorry! I got the email and read only half of that very LOOOONG story. Have to have a good evening where I can sit down and read it carefully.

And yes, I read the Wikipedia stuff. The business about the New Madrid fault is, like ALL the major mid-continental rifts UP IN THE AIR. People guess a lot.

And my guesses are pretty good, I think. After all, if ALL other continents have a depression dead center, then why not Asia and India?

And bingo! Those two places have a huge zone that is NOT EXPLORED. We don't know what is under all that lava! And why did lava pour out in such insane amounts all at once? Eh, ha!

And the thickness! Shows the land was very much below sea level when this happened.

Geography Dissertation

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jordin anne

...it was very interesting to read ab0ut it...
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why the governmont hide about natural disaster?


Interesting thinking. I think the (K/T extinction) Deccan traps rifted due to the cosmic impact at the antipode (Mayan crater) primarily killing terrestrial fauna, and the (Permian extinction) Siberian traps rifted due to a deep marine cosmic impact at the antipode (ocean) primarily killing marine flora/fauna. OTOH both Rodinia and later Pangea both rifted because of a rotational speed shift of the planet or underlying magma currents, producing what I call 'pinwheeling pangea' where the 'blades' (continents) calved off from the central polar shaft (first Africa, then as Laurasia moved northwards, Antarctica centered at the polar axis and Africa moved north tensionally pulling and rifting South America & Australia). Before 34ma, Antarctica had warm forested coasts (with "African" monkeys & cavioids eg. Egyptian guinea pigs which both followed the connected Argentina bridge northward per fossils). The former equatorial current (solunar tidal band which had kept all coasts warm) was blocked by closing Tethys seaway and Panama constriction, producing fast Antarctic circumpolar current freezing Antarctica 34ma and burying evidence beneath super dense mile-thick glaciers.

David Delring

I am a geoscientist that has worked on several of the areas described in this article. I can only say that there are so many egregious errors in it that it is of little, if any substantive value. For example, the Salton Sea is not a rift phenomenon at all, but is instead a man-made lake resulting from an accidental breach in the irrigation systems. Lakes are not "rancid". Higher plants began colonizing the land during the Devonian and Carboniferous - primitive forms even early, long before some of the rifts mentioned here began. . Madagascar began separating from Kenya in the Jurassic, but has been locked in place relative to the African Plate for an extended period of time. Rift systems do not have to be below sea level, though many are.


this map doesnt realy help because it doesnt have the oceans

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