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You know what pisses me off as much as do a lot of other things? (There is never any shortage of things to infuriate me. Peak oil, no doubt, but peak anger — never!)

I hate decibels. I've used them in sound recording, spectrum analysis, etc. The damn things are all over the place in the technology. They screw everything up, make it difficult to analyze complex events. The Richter scale is in decibels (logarithms). Information theory has legitimate uses for base 2 logarithms. The calculus of differential equations has great uses for Napierian logarithms. But most technical usage of logarithms as decibels is simply a vain waste of effort. Just vain esotericism! I'm too tired to ague about this now. But somebody had to stand up and tell it like it is.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Every earthquake, they all give different 'values.' So it is obvious, geologists themselves are in hot dispute how to interpet the data. The other matter is effect: earthquakes that are felt 3,000 miles away are of a different quality from ones that are only local.

And then there is the rift problem: they are different. If something tears a rift open, geologically,this is quite different from mere shaking. When the California rift jerks, for example, a 6.5 quake can move the earth 25'.

Then there are volcanic quakes: these tend to be presages for eruptions. So the results of each event can be radically different. There is no unified scale to compare this variety.


"So it is obvious, geologists themselves are in hot dispute how to interpet the data."

Only one interpretation is possible: our planet is breaking apart.

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