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The Pacific Plate, weighing approx 40 quadrillion tons, suddenly shifted direction some 42 millions years ago.

Mother Earth: one wild ride


"The real question here is, will North America continue to move westards? If we do, we slam into Asia. If we do this, we will rotate clockwise until the west coast is facing northwest and Florida ends up around where Hawaii now resides.:

It is good to bear in mind that "we" won't be around for any of this; in fact, "we" may well be extinct by the time any of these scenarios come to pass.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Mike, the Pacific Plate did change direction. We don't know why. There is a lot to learn here, the more information we collect, the more interesting it gets.

Smith, let's hope we don't exterminate oursevles in the near future, too.


Hello. I am in a geology 111 class. My professor asked me to write a 10 page paper explaining that North America (Alaska) hit Asia (Kamchatka) once due to plate techtonics. So far I have not been able to find this proven anywhere! Any ideas for where to find sources or how and when this could have happened?



Doug Gibson

No. You are using a 2D surface instead of a globe. Take a look at the Antarctic plate. It shows that sea-floor spreading occurred on ALL sides, not just ONE direction. IOW, Antarctica was surrounded on all sides by solid land at one time. The continents fit together in a spherical puzzle, NOT A FLAT ONE. Antarctica is equidistant from South America, Africa, and Australia. Antarctica was closed in by them as the mid-oceanic rift suggests.


it really is amazing to think what our earth will look like us as the people with not exprience this but then again who kows if the earth turn red yellow with white poka-dots none knows for sure

Michael Dennis Stagg

Cuckoo !
in somebody else's nest.
MD Stagg BScWales hydrology soils Geology MSc
Senior Lecturer 1978

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There are many ancient texts that tell that Atlantis is buried under all the ice of the antarctic, there are evidence of trees, grass, etc. Evidence that once it was on a different position, maybe on the equatorial plane.


Yes Rhiannon! Brownies and a project on plate tectonics help me concentrate. Did I mention they are special brownies?


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