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Long Island is screwed! Get ye to the 600 foot heights of the Palisades. But how may will get there? I traveled over them from Denville NJ to CT. They were icy in summer! But there is no other refuge for the hordes of NYC. The Palisades were icy in late spring. Scary as shit to navigate in late spring. All New Yorkers ought to be aware of them. 2% are!

I live in Northampton MA, where the waves would have to climb 140' over 130 miles to get at us. They won't completely wreck us. We are pretty safe. NYC is screwed.

mark abbott

No wonder many insurance companies aren't writing any new coverage for houses in Delaware and much of the Chesapeake Bay area, ditto Florida (where at least one, Allstate, is also not renewing coverage even for longstanding customers).

Between global warming (rising sea level) and the several sources of future tsunamis on the East Coast, I suppose that's the way to bet!

Appalachia is lookin' better every day.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hi, Mark! Yes, DC is flat and flatter. Swampland. The problem with Georgia and Florida is the ocean's strong currents have cut into the continental shelf and made it very steep there. This means any marine landslide can have quite a bit of volume to it,

I find all the geological news to be most fascinating. Humans evolved by being hammered on the anvil of geology by the hammer of climate. And this isn't changing despite civilization's attempts at sheltering ourselves from all this.


A mega-tsunami isn't all that likely. From BBC:


"But huge landslides and the mega-tsunami that they cause are extremely rare - the last one happened 4,000 years ago on the island of Réunion. The growing concern is that the ideal conditions for just such a landslide - and consequent mega-tsunami - now exist on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. In 1949 the southern volcano on the island erupted. During the eruption an enormous crack appeared across one side of the volcano, as the western half slipped a few metres towards the Atlantic before stopping in its tracks. Although the volcano presents no danger while it is quiescent, scientists believe the western flank will give way completely during some future eruption on the summit of the volcano. In other words, any time in the next few thousand years a huge section of southern La Palma, weighing 500 thousand million tonnes, will fall into the Atlantic ocean.

However, whe it happens, we are screwed.


"However, the real damage would be to the East coast of the USA. By the time it had travelled the 4000 miles to America the wave would be lower and wider. It would now be just 50 metres high but many kilometres long, allowing it to sweep up to 20 miles in land, destroying everything in its path. Boston, New York and Miami would virtually be wiped off the map. Skyscrapers would be bulldozed as if they weren't there. Bridges would be ripped from their foundations. And virtually every human in these cities would be killed."

Eat, drink, and be merry... for tomorrow we may die!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I ALWAYS eat, I certainly drink and we better make merry or get married or be Mary or else.

Note how the gods deal with 'mary's.

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There have been studies and some attempt to create tsunami waves as a weapon. In World War II, the army in New Zealand trialled explosives in the area of today's Shakespear Regional Park to create small tsunamis, an attempt which failed.

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