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About your issue:

«Just for example, no one has the slightest idea how deadly it might be, pumping out all the water from the giant Ogallala water reservoir. This area is virtually the entire Midwest halfway between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.»

—— Well I vaguely recall some scientific article that addresses that. I think the observation was that there would be some subsidence of land elevations, but the major changes would involve the regional climate. It was observed that in areas where aquifers had been substantially depleted, the overlying land would become much drier. At first I thought this must be just too simple to be accurate. But then, if you pump the water out of the ground, any new rainwater of snow melt water will have nowhere else to go but down. So if you are a farmer in the belt between Nebraska to Northern Texas, happily pumping up deep Ogallala Aquifer water to 'irrigate' your crops, you will end up merely borrowing from your future rain and snow water. So, all this pumping can produce a dessert in a previously viable farming area. Last I heard, they were pumping up deep water for crops and cities like there will be no tomorrow.

Intergenerational equity be damned, we will get our just deserts.


I read somewhere that the current estimate is that this giant aquifer will be depleted in about 10 years at the current rate of extraction. Very scary, yet people in the desert still want to water their lawns and golf courses.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Very true, both of you might be correct. The other problem is, if we have an earthquake like the mega-New Madrid, we could see really big susidence in these areas.


"Intergenerational equity be damned"

Intergenerational equity?

Now I really have heard it all.

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What's the difference between geology and earth sciences?
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Mud Volcanoes

Mud volcanoes doesn't cause much damage.....

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