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Bruce Lokeinsky

A basic theorem in topology shows that a continuous fluid flow on a sphere will have two fixed points. A source and a sink. Blow a soap bubble, and watch the flow of the soap film that upon the surface of the bubble. It will flow, with swirls and currents and eddies, from its north pole to its south pole (due to gravity, of course). The earth's crust is not in strictly topological continuous flow ( it surely stretches and breaks ), but perhaps this a lead into why we see the tectonic movements you so well describe.


"it is causing much of the earth to spasm with pain and annoyance."

It may indeed be spasming, but I doubt pain and annoyance have much to do with it.


The pages defining the concepts of of "pain" and "announce" appear to be missing from your lexicon, Smith.

The thing about our thin, filmy continents is that they seem to follow the universal trend toward ubiquitous nebulosity. Clouds show up every where! And they defy all rational description. Continents are like clouds!

Also see:


This article proposes that the earth's core rotates faster than it's surface. That would tend to set up magmatic eddies, electrical charge imbalances, hot spots, etc.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the link, Blues! You are probably right. We already know the core moves at a good clip and is also uneven in shape.

And thanks for the description of the bubble, Bruce. Most apt here. I will try to do some experiments with that when the weather is nice and I can photograph it outside.

Heh, Smith, the earth is Mother Nature and she not only feels pain, she can get in a really foul mood, easily.


"The pages defining the concepts of of "pain" and "announce" [sic] appear to be missing from your lexicon, Smith."

"Heh, Smith, the earth is Mother Nature and she not only feels pain, she can get in a really foul mood, easily."

People, we are talking about ROCKS here. This takes anthropomorphization to entirely new levels of absurdity.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This reminds me of a guy who was working on a wall with me. He got mad at a big rock and threw it aside with great fury. The rock bounced off the mountainside and launched itself at him.


Inanimate objects can be malicious, no?

Then there is lightning: it doesn't appear to be a life form to you but to me, it is the Hunter and I am its prey and we both know that when it misses me, it can go off over the other side of the mountain and lurk, waiting for me to make a foolish move like opening the door, for example.


So I found survival means thinking of inanimate objects as living things with their own wills. This makes it easier for me to anticipate things. Thinking about asteroids this way could be literally life and death.


"Inanimate objects can be malicious, no?"

No. Be just a little bit careful with the inanimate objects and you'll do just fine. Like the guy with the rock... his problem was not due to any "malice" on the part of the rock, but to his own lack of self-control.

"So I found survival means thinking of inanimate objects as living things with their own wills. This makes it easier for me to anticipate things."

Whatever works for you, I s'pose...


I moved from Tacoma, WA on the west coast after the Nisqualy earthquake in 2001 to the far northern border of New York State. A week after I arrived a "rare" 5.0 earthquake happened. Now I've seen on your site that the New Madrid fault starts at the Atlantic Ocean and runs right past my neighborhood, which is bordered by the St. Lawrence River. Should I stay here, or would it be a good idea to move, knowing that the New Madrid fault is expected to erupt eventually?

R. Ashok Kumar

Dear Fellow Earth Residents:
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The Japanese would do well to heed nature and protect the sacred rights of life to live and enjoy nature's bounty than dish out daily surges of worldwide earthquakes. Japan would be immensely benefited because earthquakes caused by Indian dams would be considerably reduced! They can instead finance people's cooperatives to reforest India analogously- finance the infinitely superior dams -the forest reverdure than the hydroelectricks. The cooperatives would ironically use the waters provided by existing dams for the purpose. After sufficient forest density both locally and overall has built up:No more dammed surges, no more daily worldwide quakes caused by Indian dams but all life all enjoying nature's bounty FOR ALL TIME.But till then go ahead with forests, not dams like those under NHPC,India etc.
See also http://solutiontodroughtsandfloods.rediffblogs.com/
R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power),Negentropist,Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal,299,Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk,Mumbai-400007.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Dams can cause earthquakes. And yes, forests are great protectors of moisture. Clear them and deserts can invade.


I'm sorry. I'm one of those "Wagner/Heisenburg no subduction" theorists but please do not hold it against me. This has been a superb read from end to end.

The only item that perturbs my theory is your statement that Australia is raging Northwards. So, how do you know? Alike are all around the pacific are subduction zones. When you look at the age of the floor, volcano/stretch lines etc. it appears not so.

My "daft" theory seems to answer most of your geological wonderings.

Please ponder it. Should make further good reading.

Regards, Andy


On May 12th, 2008 (which happened to be my birthday), the giant, devastating earthquake hit China before the Olympics. I know what happened just a few days before was the gigantic eruption of the Chaitan volcano in Chile, which is exactly on the opposite side of the earth as China. The Chaitan volcano had been dormant for 9000 years apparently, and erupted about 20 miles or 20 kilometers (I can't remember which). But the eruption force I believed not only went out into the atmosphere, but also back into the core pushing out the other side. When you have a force one way, it also pushes out in the opposite direction. Well, I was sure of it. And I wrote notes to a few scientific journals and got absolutely no response. I thought that super volcanic eruptions are a predictor of devastating earthquakes. It is that old ANTIPODAL BEHAVIOUR. I still believe that that is one factor in many of these great events. Now, the recent quake in Italy, is opposite to or antipodal with the recent eruption near Tonga. Perhaps there is a connection there. But, I am inclined to believe that great eruptions of volcanoes also tend to cause great disturbances on the opposite side of the earth. What do you all think? And if I were in China, I would definitely pay attention to what is happening in the Chilean line of volcanoes, would you?

Also, closer to home here, is it not true that after the great eruption of Krakatoa in the 1890's, that New York City then had an earthquake as well, and there the ash fall around the globe created "winter" throughout the summer?

gotta love simple theories! :)

Well,....,this is just my extremely simple theory, but you said that all of the plates seem to be moving towards one spot? Maybe there was a huge disturbance..possibly a ridiculously enormous volcano, that helped with the breaking apart of pangea. Then it caused matle movement of the opposite side of the earth, making the current push all the plates back together.

What i used to think when i was little was that all the land was joined together on one side of the earth..broke apart, and started floating away from each other. They all kept floating,and now they're meeting on the opsite side of the earth again.

anyway, theres just some more things to be discussed :)


To me it appears to be one big pot of porridge with a small fire which is going out at one point the site of convergence. This could explain why the cold lumpy parts of the porridge are clamming to that point.Not being a geoligist it is just a laymans view. Now can I have breakfast?

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