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I've been concerned about the progression on these quakes as well. I'm not a geologist, but have taken quite a few geology courses at the University of Oregon (in other words, an obsessive amateur knowing just enough to be totally off-base). The animation at the following web site shows quite a few quakes earlier this month above 44 degrees north and then new ones springing up further south:


Then a newer swarm this week is even further south (below 43 degrees north):


I found these links at the following site:

I fear that the great unzipping of the stuck plates may be starting. I looked at the quake web sites after our family Jack Russell terrier acted the strangest he ever has (he hid under my desk at my feet for several hours on the 16th and then in his crate for about half an hour). He never acts like that (and hasn't since). It was as if he were hearing or feeling something that was deeply disturbing, and then it stopped. I live in Central Oregon -- but if the big one is coming, I would expect something here as well.

This was a few hours after low-level quakes at Three Sisters in the Cascade Mountains. Swarms near Maupin have been persistent -- Maupin is east of the Cascades, and a professor told me years ago that those on-again/off-again swarms that have gone on for many years may signal an eventual volcano. However, quake events that I've seen online in Central Oregon recently are similar to what I've seen before, but maybe something larger is happening that dogs can hear.

Is plate pressure building to something so big that it's sending out sonic sounds inland? I suspect that the quakes in the Maupin area (southeast of Mt. Hood) are related to the colliding plates heating things up there. Here is one link showing the most recent Maupin area quakes (th e image which will be changing; quakes disappear from that web site after a few days):


I'm watching and wondering -- but have been wrong before when trying to figure out future quake activity. By the way, you have a great write-up on your blog.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

No human can predict any great quakes. But we can't ignore obvious warning signs. This is why it is a good time to discuss 'what to do in an emergency'.

And animals do notice odd things like these noises. They have very acute hearing. I know that all the quakes I have been in, my animals run off and hide beforehand.

Also, they can smell vapors that are very, very small. Dogs, in particular.

Thanks for the links, by the way. The geologists for all the states do heroic work. No one listens to them, it seems! It isn't their fault. They give warnings and try to stop developments on fault zones but they are ignored by the politicians.

I have nothing but highest respect for all geologists. But I also know most have their jobs via the government and will be lose their jobs if they get too noisy.


There was this project of a satellite some time ago, a satellite capable of detect small variation in the atmosphere, variations product of different materials expelled by the earth every time it was about to move in form of quakes of different sorts, so it its, it has been for quite a while possible to predict quakes with high percentage of accuracy and several days ahead but of course money is invested in weapons of mass destruction or profitable things instead of looking for common wealth

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Wow. Today, it is growing worse! Will update.


I know geologists have to be very careful when dealing with predictions. Panic is never a good thing -- especially when it's based on false predictions. Elected public officials are especially reluctant to scare people away from their homes and businesss. Even if a well-informed geologist is sounding the alarm, it doesn't mean it will get attention.

In 1980 Mt. St. Helens bulge was enormous and growing rapidly before high-profile people were publicly willing to say it might erupt soon. But I'll bet anything that some geologists were dismissed when they started warning everyone that a big eruption was very likely.

So often geology time is not like people time. It is very, very, very, very slow -- and then can be instantaneously catastrophic after decades of warning signs. I've been watching the Mono Lake activity for decades and thought several times that it's going to explode any day now. But it hasn't.

By the way, I've noticed since the 1980's that Mono Lake quakes tend to increase when Mt. St. Helens starts a new eruption stage. We have a lot to learn about the underlying mechanisms that affect thousands of miles at once.

I look for patterns and clues in Earth's behavior, and every once in awhile I have been right when thinking a quake or eruption is about to happen in a particular area. But I'm wrong much more often -- especially about timing. My lifetime is but a nano-second to Earth's. An imminent geologic event could be two or three nano-seconds away according to Earth's clock, but I'll be history by then.


Hello Elaine,

Your comments on plate tectonics are spot-on and I could only add that during the Christmas 2004 Tsunami in Asia several deep artesian wells in the Grants Pass, Oregon area apparently rose a dozen feet or more.

WOW! If this doesn't give pause to consider the implications I guess nothing does.

By-the-by, have you noted the flurry of shallow earthquakes in the Reno, Nevada area lately? Now why would Mother Earth shake, rattle and roll in that part of the planet?

Kindest regards,


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