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there's this Einstein theory, also called one of his biggest fears, that talks about the north pole melting, ice caskets of polar ice
mixing with common water making the oceans arise producing a slightly change in planet earth inclination, speeding up the continental masses movement, like a cereal bowl with too much milk. maybe this have somenthing to do with this.

btw there's not an quake alarm system in that region? theres one in mexico city that warns ppl, at least one minute b4 a quake hits the city, apparently is the time it takes the wave to reach the place from the original point in the coast


Physics is not one of my fields (electronics is, but it has a different emphasis). This is an interesting point. My guess is the poles melting will cause all hell to break loose. The polar caps represent "trigatons" of mass!

Ans this mass is concentrated at the north and south poles. The earth spins, and this cause the planet to be — somewhere in the deep bowels of analytic geometry there has got to be a term for this — slightly pumpkin, ot mackintosh apple shaped. "Fat." sorta. This would seem to imply that the mass that had been at the poles would generally move to the equator. The net result would be that the rotation of the earth would slow down. And we should assume that all the tectonic plates would not take kindly to this. Specifically, they would slide over the mantle west-to-east, probably some faster than others.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. This Titanic is about to perform a hard landing.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The huge, huge change in the weight holding down Antactica: if this continent launches itself northwards as the speed of Australia, watch out!

Same with Greenland which could shove northwards. Oddly enough, this will increase the chance of an Ice Age. But Antarctica: this is very likely the main engine of tectonic plate movements if there is no ice.


If the whole crust starts to move rapidly in any direction, it will be moving over supervolcanos. Yikes.

John Nicholson

The moon's orbiting around the planet steadies the planet's axis and it's rotational speed. In the earth-moon rotational and orbiting system, the respective orbs' rotations slow as the moon and earth increase orbital distance.

The Boxing Day earthquake was so powerful that it slightly changed the earth's diameter.

There was a 5.3 scale earthquake in the South Atlantic last night. This was some 150 kilometers southeast of the coastal city of São Vicente in Brazil's State of São Paulo. The quake was felt, though very slightly, in Rio de Janeiro and more strongly so in São Paulo itself. This was an exceedingly rare event. I don't have information on the depth of this earthquake.


just for the record, not long ago a ice plank in the north pole the size of New York gave off not long ago is prob floating around some where

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