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Elaine, I have sent a contribution to your camera and Earthquake fund. Just in case
one hits New York..Enjoy your lengthy post.
Educational to say the least..don

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, Don. Generous readers have given me enough to get a good camera. My daughter has one [she is a professional] which cost her $750 and she is giving it to me so I can spend the $350 on a good lens.

Her lens which is a pro lens costs well over a thousand dollars! I was astonished. But she takes lovely photos for publications.

She wants me to improve and will be giving me lessons in all this. I can't wait. Probably we will go to a Manhattan camera store to buy the lens next week. I can't wait! When I look at her stuff, it just blows me away.

Thanks for the money, by the way. Being on a fixed income means I have lots of time but I can't go shopping all that much, thanks to inflation. heh. We all know about that!


Nice analysis. Keep up the good work!

I visited Phuket in the summer before the tsunami. Glad I wasn't there when it happened.

Now I live and work in the San Andreas area. I probably don't have to worry, since although i live 2 miles from the coast, it's part of the SF Bay, and the wave would have to be at least 60-70 feet to get up here. Not that I don't want to get a tsunami wakeup radio though...


At least I won't have to worry about a tsunami here. Clear Lake may have really big waves, but nothing that dangerous. The volcano and small fault lines are quite exciting enough on their own. At 1325', in the interior coast range, I somehow don't think the area will become part of the Great Inland Sea. Folks on the east side of the hills could have some nice beach-front property someday.


Another great article and I especially appreciate it because I live in Portland, OR and sometimes go to the ocean.

Will review your tips before I go next time. Thanks!

Raymond in Niagara

I was surprised to read about your tsunami dreams; I also had a recurring dream about the water going out from the beach and having to run for it. I'm sure it's a very small minority that worry about such things at that level.

During my Hawaii honeymoon in August 2004, I felt nervous putting up our tent on the coast at Haleakala National Park. (I can't understand the mentality of those who build fancy mansions in such locations.) I coached my new wife about what to do if the ocean went out suddenly. Five months later on Dec. 26 I sounded like less of a kook.

I recently read an article about homes being destroyed during storms on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie. It was a non-fiction account written by a creative writer so his descriptions of the waves pounding directly against his home, otherwise several hundred feet from the shore, were quite frightening. And Lake Erie is a mere puddle compared to any ocean.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A girlfriend who inherited a mansion on the ocean in NY always worried about it vanishing in a storm. When it was built, the sea was far away. But erosion and rising seas changed all that.

She awoke at night in a winter storm to hear pounding on her front door. She ran downstairs and nearly drowned! She swam back to her bedroom and leaned out the window, screaming. The fire department had to use ladders and a boat to save her life. Within three hours, the entire mansion, a HUGE house of 4 stories, collapsed into the ocean and vanished, totally. Not even the foundation was left.


Another foot of sea level could put Manhattan permanently out of business. But there would be some time to get out. The entire West Coast, however, is riddled with faults. If it all falls apart, we will loose about 1/4 of the USA. And this could happen at any moment. Not that anyone really cares...


Another great post, Elaine. Here's an article that might interest you:


It refers to research that suggests a possible correlation between large quakes on the Cascadia Subduction Zone and San Andreas Fault quakes over the past 3000 years. [The research team was led by Chris Goldfinger, an Oregon State University associate professor of marine geology.]

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