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" Large Methane Release Could Cause Abrupt Climate Change As Happened 635 Million Years Ago "

«ScienceDaily (May 29, 2008) - An abrupt release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, about 635 million years ago from ice sheets that then extended to Earth's low latitudes caused a dramatic shift in climate, triggering a series of events that resulted in global warming and effectively ended the last "snowball" ice age, a UC Riverside-led study reports.»

See? I told ya' over a year ago!

Now, about pumping CO2 into the earth. Oh boy! First of all, a lot of CO2 gets sucked into the ocean, which will hold it until it becomes less cold. Also, a lot of CO2, with H2O, forms carbonic acid H2CO3, which eats up rock faces (along with nitric oxide "Nitric oxide in the air may convert to nitric acid, which has been implicated in acid rain." - [Wikipedia ( :-< )]).

Now these are the rain water acids that ate up the bigger-than-Everest mountains in Mid-to-Eastern New York State, so they are smallish mountains today. So. If we mix carbon dioxide into ground water, the ground water will start to eat up rocks. A lot of underground rivers flow between the faces of fault lines, so these faults will widen. One would predict that this would cause them to quake.


So far, the "technical" solution to peak oil is running on empty.

Solar power asphalt won't be delivered in my lifetime. Wind powered styrofoam is just out of reach. Tar sands extraction have burnt up all our gas.

How much firewood is left?

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