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Reduced sunspot activity and now a volcanic blow off!

Looks like I'll need some more plastic Chinese snow shovels, maybe a Honda snow blower.




Elaine Meinel Supkis

My parents are solar experts and they said that the sun is beginning a 'cool' cycle due to deep solar magnetic changes that have to migrate to the surface. Just 5 years ago, sunspot activity was extremely intense with a number of X events which even caused blackouts across the globe and intense heat.

Now it is quiet. Probably for at least 5 years. And we joked that this would mean global warming will protect us. But a volcano can send us into great cold, very fast. Last time the Yellowstone caldera blew, it increased the last Ice Age significantly.


The equator acts as something of a buffer between the hemispheres. The trade winds blow away from it, until they come up against the temperate latitude prevailing winds at the ITCZ. All that occurs in the troposphere, of course, and big volcanic eruptions push lots of dust into the stratosphere. Still, it will take a while for a volcano in Patagonia to affect the northern hemisphere. It will have a more immediate effect on the southern hemisphere, and lots of food is grown in Argentina and Australia. This is not good.

Another thing to consider is what will happen if lots of low-albedo volcanic dust lands on the Antarctic ice sheets. Normally that would dramatically speed melting, but it would be offset (possibly entirely) by cooling from reduced irradiance. Interesting times...

The current food problems are real, btw. We have shortages of fresh water and fertilizer, wheat rusts (especially UG99), global climate change causing droughts in some places and floods in others (q.v. Myanmar), topsoil erosion, and predatory multinational food companies that are trying to make debt slaves out of third world farmers, in addition to biofuels.

Commodity speculators don't have anything to do with any of that. Speculators understand that shortages are looming, and they are sending an early price signal to encourage more production in time for the production to be useful. The situation would be worse in the end without the speculators. To put it another way, you have to let prices rise to reflect scarcity, or you'll wind up with shortages, just like with artificial price controls.

Unfortunately, this time our ability to produce significantly more food is limited by the factors I mentioned above, despite the boost to production high prices will bring. Food reserves in the US are at 60-year lows. We're just not going to have the food to send to people whose crops have failed because of weather, volcanoes, or UG99. We may have trouble feeding ourselves.


Our existence is constantly on the brink of disaster, isn't it?

Remember: in the long run, we are all dead.


Now we have the Gulf Stream to worry about.


Global warming is set to stall over the next 10 years as natural variations in ocean currents counteract manmade climate change.

Researchers modelling the climate of Europe and North America found that a major ocean current that brings warm water northwards is set to weaken, potentially offsetting temperature rises caused by human activity.

A team led by Noel Keenlyside at the Leibniz Institute for Marine Science in Germany focused on an ocean current known as the meridional overturning current or MOC. The current acts as a huge conveyor belt, bringing warm water into the North Atlantic and returning cold water to the south.


The eruptions that really make a difference are those that occur in the tropics and are powerful enough to spew stuff into the upper troposphere. (This because the greatest amount of solar radiation is in tropics)
e.g Pinatubo, Philippines almost a mile high erupted in 1991.
This eruption cooled the planet for some time.
Search google for "Pinatubo 1991 Temperature" for plenty of references, research material to popular newspapers.

larry, dfh

Adding to this is the recent event where farmers in Argentina burned the pampas in protest over the government's raising export taxes on soy. These fires resulted in respiratory problems in Uruguay and airline flights' being unable to land.
According to the USDA economist I e-mailed, speculation is indeed part of the price-rise in foodstuffs. I'm sure the hedge funds with their huge weights would want 'in' on any scheme involving market manipulation. To ignore this possibility and ascribe everything to 'supply and demand' is cliched and naive. Besides, farmers have had at least one crop cycle to respond to higher commodity prices; farmers don't wait for prices to double and food riots to occur before making planting decisions. They are much more responsive than that.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone here is correct, even, ha, Smith.

The ENSO for the Atlantic is just as variable and dangerous as for the Pacific with El Nino/La Nina. And when it goes 'cold' we get huge blizzards here in the NE USA. I watch this and prepare for it, my life depends on tracking and preparing for it.

anthony rixon

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Is there a link between the the latest volcanic eruptions and the earthquake in Italy?
Is there a link between the volcanic eruption of Mt. Redoubt in Alaska, Llaima volcano in Chile, and the earthquake in Italy? Could their be something to all this?

Just wondering.

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