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This is the other thing that is disturbing me lately (other than the idiot Bush starting more war and crashing the economy). The West Coast thing has been building up, and building up. Frankly, I expect it to go BOOM any minute. In the least obvious place, probably. And It'll be a 10.+ or so. That would create a general, all-around hell. It will happen on the day bush attacks some new "enemy," I am almost sure. If I lived out on the West Coast, and could get the hell out, I would do that.

I would at least have water in beer kegs. And black eye peas, lentils, and rice, etc. And a propane cooker with lots of propane.

I have known people who are in Japan. That's probably about as bad. Probably worse, even. These places have been crackling and popping more and more. Of course, the Japanese can't realistically get out. It bums me out so bad.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Japanese are fatalists.


"Geologists Warn San Andreas 99% Chance Big Quake Next 35 Years"

But will San Andreas heed the warning???

That headline wasn't one of your best, Elaine. Rewrite dep't:

"Geologists Warn 99% Chance of Big San Andreas Quake in Next 35 Years"

There. That's better!


Can you cite the article you are quoting? I would like to read it.

Canada Goose Danmark

Sure, there’s room for healthy skepticism.

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