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Totally off topic, but the Russians have got to be loving the ironic reversal of fortunes that has occurred during the last decade:



"Insurance companies bet that they can make a big profit in between these many disasters."

Well... they hope to make some profit, anyway. And in some disaster-prone ares, like the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast, insurers are bailing out entirely. "Hurricane insurance? Naaaa." (Many are surprised to learn that the Constitution does not gurarantee a right to rebuild over and over and over.)

"My grandfather used to shake his head in dismay as he watched houses climb these steep canyons. 'They are all doomed,' he would inform me. Geeze, guess why I sound so doom-saying all the time!"

Runs in the family, I guess. What a non-stop fun-fest a Meinel family gathering must be!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We talk about the sun going nova and other cheerful things.


Having ridden out two 7.0 quakes, the Loma Prieta quake in Calif. and the 2006 one on the Big Island of Hawaii (both in Oct.), I have an empathy for those who go through a big shake experience.
For myself, the initial jolt has an exciting, kind of cognitive dissonance feeling that before you can utter the words "Am I having a heart attack or what", it's over.
The after shocks are what really rattle the nerves. After shocks go on for months, and no matter how well you think you understand plate tectonics, deep anxiety rises up every time things start to tremble and shake.
I can remember reading about this "new" theory of plate tectonics in the mid-sixties and thinking, gee, the smarty pants are just now agreeing to this obvious phenomenon.
Cinch your saddles up, cowboys and cowgirls, cause there is more buckin' a comin'.

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