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Christian W

We had strange weather where I live in Scandinavia too. No rain at all for the entire month of July and no thunderstorms, which is very unusual. Then a week ago the weather turned very suddenly and autumn came a month early...


It hailed here in Wellington NZ as well last night. Weather impacts are global.

Christian W

Interesting video of the lightning. It looks as if as soon as the lightning from the sky touches the ground a bolt of lightning shoots from the ground up into the sky!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, it is the 'return' part of the bolt. If you are being part of that, it is as if you are 'floating' and is very unearthly for a very small fraction of a second. Then comes the painful surge from the clouds, downwards.


From the physics perspective, they tell me that most lightning bolts are from positively charged clouds to a "negatively" charged earth. Maybe. Whatever, when the charge hits the ground, it seems to "jump back" skyward from the area around the point of "impact."

I've worked with gamma ray-potential Voltages (a lot). The main thing with them is, there is a level of uncertainty about them. They go where they want! You are pretty safe if you are surrounded by well grounded metal. But when I was a kid, I screwed around with a very high potential "fly-back" transformer. It was high-current, and should have fried me! Still here to raise hell, nonetheless.

Don't think that if the bolt doesn't hit you directly, it won't come back up to use your tender body to get back out! 'Cause it will!

Another thing I learned in electronics is "skin effect." The Power will surround you, but won't touch you, unless you have some "pointy" metal object on your person. Fast pulses don't go through; they go around. It's called "flash-over." Most people who die in electric storms are really hit in the ear from land-line telephones. Just the facts.


In Ohio the temoperatures have cooled as you'd expect, from upper 80s to mid-70s in midafternoon. Not very rainy here, however.

Bruce D McKay

Excellent Information! The slow lightening flashes were known among the Early greeks, and (I believe...) the said they were being thrown at the earth by JOVE. Also, my best recollection is they are also noted in Worlds In Collosion, or one of Velikovsky's books... something about a form of electricy moving from another planet (or comet) to the earth. You will find some INCREDIBLE "Scientific Notes" on my web page; just put it together - BIG NEWS ON PLATO, Atlantic, and GLOBAL WARMING. Please, I would like to read your comments on it. Sincerely, Bruce D McKay, Elijah

Sara Hubbard

This is reall shocking, i am 12 years old and i have only seen mild storms but this is so amazing, i have to do a project about this and this information can help me, these photos are shocking and i wanna know all about this and how you reacted, i live in nc and in rains here alot so i know what ur talking about :)


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