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One day, many years ago, I became totally unhappy with higher education. Some huge corporate conglomb staged this insane "circus" in the middle of the huge campus. The whole thing has a Disney flavor, except that it was all made of pure plastic. It was a giant plastic replica of hell! So I went around to all the "radical" groups and insisted this thing had to be abolished. They just listened for a (short) while, then they went on to other business. Then, a few days later, some hot-shot or other got the strange idea that the consumerist plastic hell was a really bad idea; so all the campus "radicals" basically destroyed it. It was totally stunning how they couldn't think for themselves.

More Nazi-type thinking goes on in such places than most people would guess. It's strange how many people are willing to let their minds get clouded.

I was a voice in the wilderness crying out that any benefit at all gained by using any computers for voting was vastly offset by the potential compromise of elections. This went on for years at blackboxvoting and velvetrevolution, etc. Years later, they all agree with me. I'm totally used to that phenomenon. I doesn't seem to involve being smarter than others; I just get there a little sooner.

But the universities will do just about anything for money, same as the "media." Their "independence" is an expensive illusion. Ask Dr. Finkelstein.

larry, dfh

And now for a truly contoversial comment. Let me start by stating that I am named after a youg Jew refugee from Poland who was turned over to the Nazis as he sought refuge in France, and killed. My maternal grandmother lost 12 siblings to the Nazis (actually the Poles, under Nazi supervision). My father's uncle, a Rabbi, stayed in Europe and was killed. It is my belief that the Zionists conspired with the governments of Europe to produce what became the Holocaust. The Zionist movement started in the late 19th century. They were very organized in the '30s, and had ships ready to evacuate Jews, for the express purpose of relocation. Why were these ships ready? The European governments could always count on popular support to 'remove' the Jews, and the Zionists took advantage of this sentiment. My ancestors all came here around 1900. They were the ones who wanted to leave Europe. And the Zionists knew that the 'average' European Jew, when asked the question: Would you rather live here where your people have lived for over 600 years, or go move to some desert?...would answer: Go pack sand! So I think the Zionists had to 'motivate' the clientel, and maybe the motivation got out of hand. But as Elaine pointed out, look who are the winners: the Zionists, not the concentration camp survivors. If you look at the winners, maybe one can understand what they did to become winners.
And blues, the expression I use is: a university is like a whore, it will do anything for money and is only concerned with temporary customer satisfaction.


"The Holocaust is used by Zionists seeking to imitate Hitler."

David Duke thinks so, too.


By the way... have any proceedings from that Holocaust Conference in Iran been published yet? I suppose one thing is clear at this point: during the 1940s a great many people, some of who may have been of Jewish descent, were purportedly killed by the Nazis. Or not. This is the closest I can find to a summary:


“Anyone who believes in the homicidal gassing story is either ignorant, willingly or unwillingly, of the physical facts, or a liar.” - from the link.

"hint: my own son whose father is a Levy, doesn't qualify"

Depends on whether or not you're Jweish (because "Jewishness" is matrilineal.) I have a close friend whose father is a rabbi. His kids aren't "Jewish" - because he married a shiksa.

"This is so like Naziism."

EVERYTHING is like Naziism if you look at it hard enough.

"Ze'ev Dratva, a Holocaust survivor, was among the marchers. "How many years do the survivors have left? Barely a year or two," he shouted."

Well, there's that. Time isn't on the survivors' side. You think some of the Holocaust furor will fade away after the Holocaust survivors fade away?

"The two peoples needed cooperation rather than walls because they must be neighbors."

Good fences make good neighbors. - Robert Frost


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