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D. F. Facti

"The paving of America thanks to cheap oil has destroyed millions of acres of prime farmlands while using oil to farm is destroying even more acreage."

Suicidal. Oh, wait, but there's hydroponic farming and space rations. Sorry. Didn't want to depress anyone.


03-MAY-2006 15:26:35 -20.03 -174.23 8.0 16.1 TONGA ISLANDS

An 8.0!


Sarah,  San Antonio, TX

See Wall Street Journal front page article 18 Apr 2006. Headline states "US oil reserves are at an 8 year high". Graph shows it increasing for past years.

The US dollar is dropping in value. That is the only reason why oil costs what it does.

Is there now also gold shortage? Gold is going up in dollars.

Lie to the masses the same lie 1,000 times and the masses will believe it to be true.

Big Al

Have you read the article on Peak oil, In "From The Wilderness" ? Makes you sound optimistic!


I expect oil to hit $100 a barrel by year's end. What this will do to my lifestyle, I'm not sure. Jim Howard Knustler calls the coming dip over Hubbard's peak 'The Long Emergency.' He may be right.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, as we reach the Peak, the worst thing we can do is sabre rattle!

From the Wilderness never talked about the Hubbert Oil Peak until Ruppert called me one day back in 1998 and wanted to talk to my dad about the CIA. I persuaded him to read some stuff about the Peak Oil future wars and he completely changed course.

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