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Elaine, dear... did you actually read that NYT article you linked? More than half of it, anyway? There's a little problem.

In your drawing above, the Statue of Liberty (representing the US no doubt) is howling about the Bolivian situation. But the US isn't doing the howling here - US oil companies aren't that heavily invested in Bolivia. So who's howling? Brazil!

From the same NYT article:

"Petrobras, the biggest investor, with over $1 billion invested in Bolivia, criticized the government's "unilateral attitude" and said it would take whatever steps necessary to "protect the rights of the company" and guarantee Brazil's supply of gas, half of which comes from Bolivia.

The importance of Bolivian gas to Brazil — the largest market in the region — prompted concern even from President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a leftist and former union leader who publicly hailed Mr. Morales's rise to power."

"Whatever steps necessary"? Sounds to me like Bolivia's action isn't going down very well in Brasilia!

(You need to try to get past your fixation on the US every once in a while, Elaine dear...)

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