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Seems like someone in our government is actually interested in alternative energy..
News Roundup item from (Renewable Energy World, June-July 2006 issue, London):
"the US Military has declared that it is commissioning the world's largest photovoltaic power plant for use at its military facilities in Clark County, Nevada. The 18MW .....nearly twice the size of the largest PV project currently under construction- a 10 MW array in Germany."


Re: above info............
Just checked @ Wikipedia: the military base is Nellis Air Force Base, the United States Air Force WARFARE Center (nuclear weapons are stored in area 2)
How comforting to know this will still be functioning "when the lights go out".

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. Bush has alternative energy at his ranch, too, and you can bet, he will have it in Paraguay.

This is why we should watch them closely. If they build solar energy systems while telling us it isn't neccessary, build solar systems!

Ditto bomb shelters: the people in charge of deciding if we have nuclear war are building bomb shelters.

I have more to say about this.


This is why I suddenly favor the death penalty. The Peoples Survival Party will enact legislation that require an automatic death penalty to all those who own, or are involved in any way with, nuclear bomb shelters. Simple. Also, Americans who own foreign land will draw the automatic death penalty as well. With no right to appeal to the higher courts. Any judge who attempts to accept an appeal is subject to the death penalty. This, like everything that the Peoples Survival Party does, is entirely compatible with the Constitution. Everyone already accepts that anyway.

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