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This man is responsible for genocide. This man is responsible for 1999 building explosions. He is responsible for Anna Politkovskaya's murder, just as she was uncovering the KGB's involvement with the 2002 hostage crisis in Moscow. They killed her on Putin's birthday, as a present.

And its disgusting to see you praise this monster, Elaine.

Rodney Reid

Winter is coming to Europe very quickly, and the hostilities keep growing.

Putin holds the key to a lot of warm buildings and hot showers.

These (Putin, Bush, Jong, etc. etc.) are men of force. Hundreds of thousands have died under their power.

What the world hopefully wants to prevent is these figures escalating quickly. I sure as hell don't want to see a time when Putin and Bush are set, on opposite sides of the world in their bunkers, saying "Fuck it, let's launch".

Rodney Reid

Oh, I forgot to comment on the lower oil prices!

In a nutshell, two weeks after Goldman Sachs' former CEO (Henry M. Paulson, Jr) became Secretary of the Treasury, sworn in in mid July by GWB, Goldman Sachs annouced they were drastically reducing their gasoline futures holdings.

You will soon see Henry's name on dollar bills soon, it's a pretty big position to have.

In eight weeks, from August until now, they've released 6 billion dollars of gasoline futures onto the market (took their holdings from 8.7% to 2.3%), plummeting the price (of course!).

Derivatives/hedge funds followed suit, flooding the market with future gasoline as speculation all unwound, dropping the price further.

These $$$$ in gas futures slack will be all spent in our collective tanks soon; and gas should be back up in price by December.

(Besides, they just shut Prudoe Sound in Alaska down, from 350k bbls a day to 20k bbls.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Good catch, Rodney. You are right. And he is conspiring with all the other oily characters to lower the price of gas to save the GOPredators.

As for Putin: I am NOT saying he is a good guy. He is a fucking DICTATOR. Like Bush. And like Bush, is out killing hundreds of thousands of people!


So, I coldly examine him. He is a smart dictator. Bush is a dumb dictator. Russia is rising in power and the USA is losing power. What a shock.


Elaine never praised Putin, "Disgusting".

It is clear that you do not read much of what she says here, or you would know better. Perhaps you do and do not care. I suspect the latter.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This happens all the time. People scan something and then their brains erupt.

This is why one must think first before talking about the news. I go way out on a limb to talk about things that are 'verboten.'

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