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D.F. Facti

OT -
Jenna and not-Jenna in Argentina for two weeks. At Thanksgiving? What do you suppose?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Drunk SS agents getting beaten up and the floozies get mugged.

Typical Bushes.


Jenna and not-Jenna are in Argentina, huh? And Phil Alito (son of justice Sam Alito, is probably studying anthropology or something at the university of Virgina. All are far indeed from our poor grunts in the Middle East. How come? I thought it was THEIR splendid little war.

Elaine, you live in New York State, where the Draconian Rockefeller drug laws send people to jail for fifty years or whatever for possessing cocaine and such. Why not just blend 1% of silver into copper that may only be used for alternative power generation, ad mandate 30 year sentences for people caught in illegal possession of that? Oh, I forgot: We must never attempt to solve critical social social problems. Solutions only make everything worse. Much better to freeze in the dark than to take "the easy way out" by just solving things!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Solving things means solving CRIMES and petty crimes are what we are supposed to worry about, not gross criminality like illegal invasions or dropping bombs on civilians.

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