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There was another news story on Yahoo about how soldiers stationed in a dangerous Sunni area are very frustrated and do not believe they will ever be allowed to leave Iraq. Some even made comments that came straight out of the mouths of former Vietnam veterans when they were being interviewed while on guard or patrol or even in combat.

I think they now understand they were conned, and there is no way out except to desert or walk away. At least some of them are coming to their senses, finally.


Shit. 1989!!! Where was I then? I was on the rooftop of the UN building looking down at you. Of course I didn't know that at the time. I was doing a spectrum analysis "study" for a new UN satellite up-link, with tons of portable spectrum analyzers, and mini-microwave horns and computers etc. etc etc. Another Strange Episode! My boss and I get out of our van and haul all this techno-stuff to the UN elevator. Haul it all out on the rooftop, and take microwave density readings. Just like Ghost-busters!!! WOW!!!. The rooftop of the UN is a vast pitch-black bituminous surface. When I walked up to the edge (trembling), there was merely a one or two foot high "curb" between me and the abyss. Little people-dots, barely discernible. ONE OF THEM YOU! Lots of ant-like autos. East River on the other side.

Well, the microwave density at that particular place was so high we could not measure it. We were lucky not to be cooked like potatoes in a microwave oven. We ended up having to wreck a lovely garden at ground level to make space for an up-link dish, using the big black building itself as "blockage" from the electronic storm. I am certain, when the WTC buildings were pulled, the entire microwave pattern for Manhattan had to be totally reconfigured, since every little building in a major city figures into the spectrum analysis network. It would be exactly the same as if someone put a bullet-hole in your hard drive -- exactly!

Now for the really eerie part. When we went through the front doors, up the elevator, onto the roof of the UN, nobody -- nobody -- nobody checked us out. There was no nice lady with a shiny badge asking for our credentials. We were in nice street clothes, but with no badges or anything to distinguish us from tourists. Now that's what I call deep security. Did they even know who we were? Maybe the highest security clearance is the one they don't even tell you they've given you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Up until then, I used to go inside the UN on business rather a lot. Heh. The Union of African States let me use a desk and the bathrooms, for example, when I was camped out there. Personal diplomacy at work.

Well, the USA spies like MAD at the UN. Go to Embassy row in DC if you want to heat microwave popcorn!

Anyway, Blues, I am glad you are still here. Don't ever think I don't want EVERYONE here! Even trolls and the 'unknown' country dudes.

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