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Geez. Our political science, economics, etc. hotshots, who read all the the baseball rulebooks hundreds of times, and found their way into the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., were not even able to find the friggin global ballpark. Our dons are dolts! I always knew it.

In the greatest book ever written, THE HEART OF THE WORLD, by Nik Cohn, Sasha, the Soverican (Soviet immigrant) called America the 'Land of the Stupid'.

I'm plugging it here because it is the only nonfiction book that explores certain realities... The world is about little people. The hot-shots are all raving lunatics. If only they would understand that the little people are so much saner than they are.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Blues. I don't know how far from DC you live but if you can hitch a ride there for the January demonstrations, we must get together. If you are in the Northeast, a lot of buses are leaving from up here and if you ask for a reduced price seat, they often have them still at this point, retired people on fixed incomes, for example, make a real sacrifice to go to these sorts of demonstrations but there are people who provide money for buses with the idea that the people paying the full price will subsidize about a third or more of the other riders.

You have so much energy, I can see you give a lot of thought to doing something about our obviously messed up political system.

Time to energize even more! Luv you all!


I live in Northampton, Massachusetts, on the west side of the Connecticut River, 15 miles north of Springfield. I can't probably go to DC, mainly because I have maxed out my local relationships with folks who would take care of my 45lb, 12 y.o. female coonhound Heidi. Seems silly, but there it is. I would love to talk with you, though. Apart from my nefarious projects, I am fairly boring, probably. Currently my anti-grammar dot com site is starting it's glacial slide to ??? But at last it's pulling out of the harbor. I am also a big proponent of Consecutive Runoff Approval Voting. As far as ending the Middle East adventures, we need to think way past just ending those insane circuses of horror. We need to establish a US Government in Internal Exile or something (like the CFR!) and hold on-line Consecutive Runoff Approval Voting on issues like dispersed light rail communities, ending sending people, weapons, and money to dubious overseas causes (I don't know how to pull this one off yet). And, of course, rebuilding our educational and industrial base. In other words, to hell with this progressive/ paleoconservative/ neofascist domestic quagmire, already.

DC was interesting during Vietnam. Just don't take the white CIA acid! And be prepared for sick headtrips, weird rumors, and stupid "non-lethal" weapons. Still, I would go, but Heidi couldn't handle it. Good luck, Elaine!

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