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Nationalized industries produce lousy service. They don't care about their customers because they don't have to (who else are you going to buy from?) Instead, you get a bureaucracy that's just as responsive as any bureaucracy anywhere (like the BMV.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

UM, Monopolies provide lousy service. Like Ma Bell, for example.

I have a long memory. Energy systems, like communication systems, need competition BUT the mining of these things like oil or copper is best done under government control since private people simply want to take everything and run.

Namely, this is 'collective' wealth, not something that should be 'owned' by some capitalists.


It is true that government buearacracies (sp?)will waste a lot of the profits, but a great deal of it will be invested in the people of that country and not taken to another country and spent there, which is what happens with private enterprises.

Private enterprises are very efficient for the few who control them, but for everyone else, (often including their own shareholders) they bring nothing but misery and poverty.

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