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This ethanol nonsense is beyond absurd. First of all, as you say, it drives up the cost of food, so poor people go hungry. And growing food is not easy. Crops must be protected from blights, smuts, weevils, rabbits, people, etc. And this means you must hire chemists, biologists, crop dusting planes, guards, etc. Who, of course, need to eat, etc., etc., etc. You will need megatons of fertilizer and insecticides that will run into the rivers and pollute the sea, and will need to be manufactured with vast quantities of oil. And tractors use gas and oil, you know. You will have to support fat insurance and bank officials, since you will have bad years. You will have to pay off fat politicians to keep the INS from arresting you because of your wetbacks.

And most of all, most of all, you are going to need mega-gallons of fresh water. In the eastern states, only some of it will be stolen from the earth. But in the western states, it will be mostly stolen from dwindling aquifers, so you will find yourself in expensive political battles with the drive-by shootists of LA and the slick mobsters of Vegas.

The thing with ethanol is not that it is a good fuel. It has a pathetically low energy yield. I used to pour it in the bathroom sink and light it (careful here!!!) and let it burn languidly at very, very low heat. What is does do is slow down the burn rate of gasoline, giving 'high octane' for poorly designed engines.

Then there are the idiots who drive around burning used French-fry oil. Breathing in all those weird byproducts must be very invigorating!


From what I read buried deep in a newspaper article that claimed the dispute had ended, Belarus lost badly. They had to remove the tarrif or lower it greatly, plus they had to sign a three year agreement in which they would give Russia 70% of all profit on refined oil products! This would rise to 85% by the third year! I cannot imagine a more staggering loss, but the article never mentioned that part.

The constant statement that Russia has been undermined because it is not reliable is prepostrous. They are strengthened by the fact that Europe cannot get oil from anyone else -- not undermined.

Again, the Orwellian twisting of words means that language serves no useful purpose here in America.


I read the same basic drivel too, DeVaul. I again experienced that uncontrollable crossed-eyes syndrome. If the heartless creeps keep this up, I will need to visit the ophthalmologist in short order.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh. When it comes to analyzing diplomatic junk, I'm the queen. This comes from growing up watching 'diplomacy' first hand. Diplomacy grows out of the barrel of a gun or the gas tank, whichever is bigger.

In Russia's case, they have both. Ergo: betting this big gorilla gets its own way is around 100%. The USA isn't a big gorilla anymore, our damn FOREX funds trail behind Russia's and is dwarfed by China's.

This is so simple to understand if one looks at the right things.

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